[Slackbuilds-users] Why did my SSLeay-SlackBuild get edited?

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Reimer at gmx.de
Wed Nov 5 14:03:07 UTC 2008


some days ago I've uploaded a SlackBuild script to build SSLeay. It took me several hours to test the script over and over again until I finally published the script.

Today I've recognized the entry in the ChangeLog which shows that my package got accepted, but the line where I extract the tar-archive got changed and the silly "find ... chmod" waste got added.

Why did you change this part? Why do you think it's a cleaner way to do things, to not tell tar to ignore the permissions in the archive, but to allow tar to extract with silly permissions just to be able to fix up the crap in a second step?

IMHO if there is no real reason to change the way the author did things, then the script shouldn't get changed. It's *my* name which is in the header line of the script and so the script should also reflect my way of coding things if they don't violate any rules or don't cause problems. IMHO it would be also a great idea to ask the author first prior changing things and publishing the result in the name of the Author. If there is no reason for the change, please revoke it.

Thanks in advance for your answer


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