[Slackbuilds-users] Avidemux compilation failed because of newer x264

Aleksandar Kukic kukibl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 12:48:11 UTC 2008

Wow, that was quick.:) Thank you very much, it compiled just fine after I
applied attached patch.

Best regards,

2008/11/21 Heinz Wiesinger <pprkut at liwjatan.at>

> Aleksandar Kukic wrote:
> > I had Avidemux installed, but it was built against older version of x264
> > (also only required dependencies were used). Last night I had to upgrade
> > x264 because of some software not available at SlackBuilds - I've
> compiled
> > yasm and new x264 (using SlackBuilds of course). Avidemux then failed to
> > run, so I guess I had to recompile it against new upgraded x264.
> > Compilation process stopped at this error:
> That is a known issue. I've already told the avidemux maintainer about it
> and
> he's currently in the process of updating the script. I think there will be
> an update soon :)
> In the meantime you can use the attached patch. I took it from gentoo and
> avidemux compiles with it.
> Grs,
> Heinz
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