[Slackbuilds-users] Freeze on New Submissions to Prepare for 12.2

Ismael Cortes leamsi.setroc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 04:53:07 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 10:07 PM, Chess Griffin <chess at chessgriffin.com> wrote:
>> There's a newer beta or rc of libsndfile available that *will* build on
>> -current, but I didn't actually test whether audacity would compile
>> against it.
> Yeah, I saw those prerelease builds in the libsndfile download directory,
> but did not try mucking around with them.


Just a quick thumbs ups:

I've used libsndfile-1.0.18pre24h for some weeks now on Slackware
-current, and haven't had any runtime issues, but there are a couple
of things to consider when building:

o There's a circular dependency on JACK (It's actually optional in
both sides, so it may not matter).
o This version wants the trunk version (1.2.1) of libvorbis. It can
probably be lowered back to 1.2.0 somehow as I don't think there are
any API changes in libvorbis (I may be wrong, of course), or it can be
build without Ogg/FLAC support.

Hope this helps, now I'm back to lurking mode...

Happy hacking!

-Ismael C.


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