[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20081130

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sun Nov 30 21:38:15 UTC 2008

This won't be the last update for 12.1, regardless of what else happens.
We've still got two or three more to look at, and we'll go back over the
mailing list for outstanding bug reports and minor cleanups too. However,
in the meantime, here's a bit to play with:

Sun Nov 30 21:34:49 UTC 2008
audio/ardour: Updated for version 2.7.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
audio/lv2core: Updated for version 3.0.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
business/tinyerp-client: Updated for version
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
business/tinyerp-server: Updated for version
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
desktop/docker: Added - docker is a docking application which acts as a
  system tray.  Thanks to Timothy Pollard.  --dsomero
desktop/rezlooks: Added - an alternative GTK engine created by rezza.
  Thanks to Jonathan Yu.  --Erik
desktop/tint: Added - tint is a simple panel/taskbar for openbox and other
  window managers.  Thanks to Jonathan Yu.  --rworkman
desktop/xfce4-dict: Updated for version 0.5.1. This replaces xfce4-dict-plugin.
  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
desktop/xfce4-fsguard-plugin: Updated for version 0.4.2.
  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
desktop/xfce4-notes-plugin: Updated for version 1.6.3.
  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
desktop/xfce4-verve-plugin: Updated for version 0.3.6. This replaces 
  verve-plugin.  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
development/Scalar-List-Utils: Added - this is Perl's Scalar List Utilities.
  Thanks to Robert Delahunt.  --rworkman
development/netbeans: Updated for version 6.5.
  Thanks to Antonio Hernández Blas.  --dsomero
development/sip: Updated for version 4.7.9.
  Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic.  --dsomero
development/subversion-bindings: Added - this adds Subversion bindings for 
  Perl, Python and Ruby.  Thanks to Mauro Giachero.  --rworkman
games/pysolfc: Fixed .info file.  --dsomero
graphics/djview4: Added - djview4 is a DjVu viewer and browser plugin.
  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --rworkman
libraries/IO-Zlib: Added - this is the Perl IO::Zlib module.
  Thanks to Robert Delahunt.  --rworkman
libraries/fftw: Updated for version 3.2.  Thanks to Kyle Guinn.  --rworkman
libraries/icu4c: Updated for version 4.0.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
libraries/libavc1394: Fixed dependency in README.  --dsomero
libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar: Added - this is a C++ library that aims to be 
  a good alternative to all the other bittorrent implementations around.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson and Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
libraries/perl-xml-libxml: Added - perl bindings for libxml.
  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --rworkman
libraries/perl-xml-libxml-common: Added - xml-libxml-common perl module.
  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --dsomero
libraries/perl-xml-namespacesupport: Added - xml-namespacesupport perl module.
  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --dsomero
libraries/perl-xml-sax: Added - xml-sax perl module.
  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --dsomero
libraries/pyqt4: Updated for version 4.4.4.
  Thanks to Aleksandar Samardzic.  --dsomero
libraries/slv2: Updated for version 0.6.1.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
libraries/soundtouch: Updated for version 1.3.1.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
multimedia/avidemux: Updated for version 2.4.3.
  Thanks to Niklas 'Nille' Åkerström.  --dsomero
multimedia/gcstar: Added - GCstar is a free open source application for 
  managing your collections.  Thanks to Murat D. Kadirov.  --rworkman
multimedia/nted: Updated for version 1.4.15.
  Thanks to Corrado Franco.  --dsomero
multimedia/smplayer: Updated for version
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --dsomero
multimedia/transcode: Updated for version 1.0.7.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
network/davfs2: Added - davfs2 is a Linux file system driver that allows you 
  to mount a WebDAV server as a local file system.  
  Thanks to Justin Haynes.  --rworkman
network/efax-gtk: Added - efax-gtk is a GTK+ front end for the efax program.
  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --rworkman
network/esmtp: Updated for version 1.0.
  Thanks to Paul Wisehart.  --dsomero
network/flock: Added - Flock is a web browser built on Mozilla¿s Firefox 
  codebase that specializes in providing social networking and Web 2.0 
  facilities built into its user interface.
  Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --rworkman
network/hylafax: Fixed path for faxgetty in README.  --dsomero
network/iftop: Added - iftop does for network usage what top(1) does for
  CPU usage.  Thanks to "chopp".  --dsomero
network/noip: Updated for version 2.1.9.
  Thanks to Dhaby Xiloj.  --Erik
network/tor: Updated for version
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --dsomero
network/udpcast: Updated for version 20081116.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
network/vpnc: Enabled openssl support in the build script.  Note that it's 
  not an issue for us, as we don't provide any binary packages, but the 
  upstream developers assert that linking openssl violates the GPL *if* you 
  distribute a binary that does so.  
  Thanks to Cherife Li for the suggestion.  --rworkman
network/x11vnc: Updated for version 0.9.6.
  Thanks to Pierre Cazenave.  --Erik
office/cups-pdf: Added - cups-pdf is designed to produce PDF files by
  providing a PDF printer.  Thanks to Sebastien Ballet.  --dsomero
office/homebank: Updated for version 4.0.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --dsomero
system/ddrescue: Updated for version 1.9.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --Erik
system/dump: Added - this is a dump and restore backup utility.
  Thanks to Chris Abela.  --rworkman
system/gxemul: Updated for version
  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 177.82.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 177.82.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/openct: Added - OpenCT implements drivers for several smart card 
  readers.  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --rworkman
system/opensc: Added - OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilities to 
  access smart cards.  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --rworkman
system/postgresql: Fixed the libxml configure line in the script.
  Thanks to "ginkgo" and Adis Nezirovic.  --rworkman
system/twin: Added - Twin is a text-mode window environment.
  Thanks to "chopp"  --rworkman
system/vbetool: Updated for version 1.1.
  Thanks to Robby Workman.  --dsomero
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated for version 2.0.6.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 2.0.6.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/virtualbox-ose-addons: Updated for version 2.0.6.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/virtualbox-ose: Updated for version 2.0.6.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/webcore-fonts: Fixed README file.  --dsomero

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