[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20081014

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Tue Oct 14 21:22:10 UTC 2008

There will be another batch coming soon; David's got quite a few
marked as ready, but he's not around to get final confirmation,
so we'll wait on those.  In the meantime...

Tue Oct 14 21:09:23 UTC 2008
academic/link-grammar: Added - the Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser 
  of English language.  Thanks to Michael Gabilondo.  --rworkman
audio/flac123: Added - flac123 is a command line flac player.
  Thanks to Andrew Strong.  --rworkman
desktop/CurseTheWeather: Updated for version 0.4. 
  Thanks to Philip Warner. --Michiel
desktop/kcometen3: Added - KCometen3 is an OpenGL screensaver for KDE.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
desktop/whaw: Added - whaw is a window tiling tool.
  Thanks to Phillip Warner.  --rworkman
development/gccxml: Added - GCC-XML is the XML output extension to GCC.
  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
development/numpy: Updated for version 1.2.0.
  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
development/pygccxml: Added - the purpose of pygccxml is to read a generated 
  file and provide a simple framework to navigate C++ declarations using 
  Python classes.  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
development/pyplusplus: Added - Py++ is an object-oriented framework for 
  creating a code generator for the Boost.Python library.
  Thanks to Alex Samardzic.  --rworkman
games/gnubg: Updated for the 20081013 snapshot.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
games/tmw: Updated for version 0.0.26.  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
games/wesnoth: Updated for version 1.4.5. 
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
libraries/babl: Added - babl is a pixel format translation library.
  Thanks to Manfred Mueller.  --rworkman
libraries/decorator: Added decorator Python module.
  Thanks to Mikko Varri.  --rworkman
libraries/gegl: Added - gegl is a graph based image processing library.
  Thanks to Manfred Mueller.  --rworkman
libraries/libmirage: Miscellaneous cleanups to the build script and README
  file.   --rworkman
libraries/liboop: Added - liboop is a low-level event loop management library
  for POSIX-based operating systems.  Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman
libraries/pytables: Updated for version 2.0.4.
  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --rworkman
libraries/quesoglc: Added - QuesoGLC is a free implementation of the OpenGL 
  Character Renderer (GLC).  Thanks to Andrew Waters.  --rworkman
libraries/reportlab: Updated for version 2.2.
  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --rworkman
misc/torrentinfo: Added - TorrentInfo is a command line script that parses 
  .torrent files and displays the information contained within them.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
network/bitlbee: Updated for version 1.2.3.  This fixes some potential 
  security flaws, so upgrading is strongly encouraged.  More information:
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
network/dansguardian: Added - DansGuardian is a web content filter.
  Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
network/ntop: Updated for version 3.3.  
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
network/pound: Added - Pound is a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS 
  front-end for Web servers.  Thanks to Thales A. Tsailas.  --rworkman
network/squid: Fixed the installing of the logrotate file.  --dsomero
network/udpcast: Updated for version 20080914.  
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
network/umtsmon: Added - umtsmon is a program to control your UMTS (and 
  GPRS/EDGE) card.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
network/unfs3: Updated for version 0.9.21. Thanks to Menno Duursma. --rworkman
office/kile: Updated for version 2.0.2.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --rworkman
system/fslint: Added - fslint is a utility to find and clean various forms
  of "lint" on a filesystem.  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
system/p7zip: Included the 7zr binary in the final package and miscellaenous
  build script enhancements.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
system/pmount: Updated for version 0.9.17. 
  Thanks to Guillermo Bonvehi.  --rworkman
system/rubygems: Added - rubygems is the Ruby standard for publishing and
  managing third party libraries.  Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --David Somero
system/vhba-module: Added - VHBA (Virtual SCSI Host Bus adapter) is part of
  the userspace-cdemu suite.
  Thanks to Nille Åkerström and Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Added - virtualbox-kernel-addons are the
  suplementary kernel drivers for VirtualBox guests running Slackware.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --David Somero
system/virtualbox-ose-addons: Added - virtualbox-ose-addons are the userspace
  part of the VirtualBox Guest Additions, intended for guest machines running
  Slackware.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --David Somero

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