[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.13.0 released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Sat Oct 25 12:38:34 UTC 2008

Sbopkg version 0.13.0 has been released.  Some of the highlights include:

* New code has been added to allow the user to cleanly abort the
source download by pressing Control-C; thanks to Zordak for the
* Add in several improvements to the rsync and wget stages, whereby
better error messages are detected and displayed, -z is removed from
rsync, and other general cleanups; thanks to macavity for the
suggestions and patches.
* Add in -O option to wget to allow for cases where downloaded source
name is different than expected (such as virtualbox-ose); thanks to
acidchild for the bug report.
* Add in new sbopkg.conf variable TIMEOUT to allow the user to
manually set the timeout value for rsync and wget; thanks to macavity
for the suggestion.  NOTE:  this will require users upgrading from
previous versions to either merge the new sbopkg.conf into their
existing file, or manually add a TIMEOUT=10 (default is 10 seconds) to
their existing sbopkg.conf file.
* Add in several updatelist fixes; thanks to Erik Hanson for the bug reports.
* Add in fix where searching for category names would create problems;
thanks to nille for the bug report.
* Add in some new code in an initial attempt to fix the 'decimal'
problem in bash, in which comparing package versions (like 3.9 versus
3.11) would result in incorrect updatelist results.  This code should
fix some updatelist errors reported by Erik Hanson, samac, and Joao
Felipe Santos.  This new code needs testing, so please check the
updatelist and then consider running it with the debug feature enabled
and check the results the again.  See the UPDATELIST-DEBUGGING
document for details on how to enable debugging.
* Fix size of several dialog boxes for a better UI; thanks to Erik
Hanson for the bug report.
* Several error-checking and graceful exit cleanups and fixes.

Please check out the included ChangeLog for more details.

As always, please report any bugs to me via email, the sbopkg mailing
list, or, preferably, using the Issue tracker on the project's
website.  I can also be found in #sbopkg, #slackbuilds, and
##slackware on freenode.

A noarch package and source tarball for version 0.13.0 can be found at
the sbopkg project website:



Chess Griffin
GPG Public Key:  0x0C7558C3

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