[Slackbuilds-users] bug in irqbalance

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Sep 1 02:49:50 UTC 2008

Patrick J. Volkerding wrote:
> Grissiom wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The irqbalance could only take into effect only if run as root. So 
>> here is
>> my patch:
> Even if something only works for root, IMHO it is better to get upstream 
> to make location changes.  That way other things (scripts, perhaps) 
> won't try to run with an absolute path of /usr/bin/ expecting to find it 
> there.

Yep, agreed, now that I see what the proposed change was.
Thanks, Alan and Scott, for pointing out my eyesight troubles. ;-)

> On the occasions that things have been moved like this without involving 
> upstream, we've at least placed a symlink in the old, official upstream 
> location to avoid those possible problems.

In this case, I don't think we gain anything from the move, so this can
be my official NAK on the proposed patch.

To the original poster: send the suggestion to the irqbalance developers.
If they make the change, then we'll obviously follow it.


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