[Slackbuilds-users] why are there SBo slackbuilds with x86_64 (and not the rest of it ...)?

Matt Hayes dominian at slackadelic.com
Wed Sep 3 13:07:16 UTC 2008

paul wisehart wrote:
> There seems to be a few slackbuilds where there is $ARCH handling for
> x86_64, but not the "configure" handling.
> These packages put their libs in /usr/lib/ (not /usr/lib64/).
> Isn't that wrong behaviour?
> Would it be better if there was no ARCH handling at all for x86_64
> unless it also handled the configure steps correctly?
> PS. Maybe those packages work in pure x86_64 environments? where they
> *should* go in /usr/lib/ (not /usr/lib64/ ) ?
> --paul

SBo supports x86, not x86_64.   There was a project out there to port
the slackbuilds.org setup to x86_64, but I haven't heard anything about
it in quite some time.

Its very trivial to make these changes/additions to the existing SBo
scripts and, frankly, I think its a waste of time to have scripts
dedicated just to x86_64.

Now, someone could do a small write-up on "How to port SBo scripts to
build on x86_64" and send it into the SBo admins and see if they'll post
it in their HOWTOs section.


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