[Slackbuilds-users] Anyone tried to build SynCE yet

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Sep 29 02:04:12 UTC 2008

On Sep 28, 2008, at  6:23 PM, Robert W. Wendel wrote:

>    I was wondering if anyone had attempted to build Synce for Slackware 
> 12.1.  I've tried on my own using src2pkg mostly, but there seems to be 
> a tangled web of RPM dependency packages.   The Slackey sight was not 
> much help.  Maybe Synce is not ready for a non RPM environment yet?

I got fairly far, to the point of sync-engine working, and didn't use any
RPM's. My "smart" phone started giving me issues so I stopped working on it,
but I don't want to give up. If you want to work on it, send an email my way,
I'd be happy to collaborate with someone on this.


Erik Hanson
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