[Slackbuilds-users] Unchecked entries for 13.0

Grissiom chaos.proton at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 14:37:17 UTC 2009

For development/pylint/, it's a pure python program which is compatible with
python2.6. So it will be ok to push it to the 13.0 repo after switch the
default ARCH tag to i486 or whatever not "noarch" since it use /usr/lib or
/usr/lib64 depend on the system building it.

For system/qstardict/, it's compatible with 32bit current but I failed to
get qmake to install lib files into /usr/lib64, i.e., it will install
something into /usr/lib even in 64bit system... If you think that's not a
problem, you can push it into 13.0 repo.

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