[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090828

Michiel van Wessem michiel at slackbuilds.org
Fri Aug 28 05:27:17 UTC 2009

Wed Aug 26 10:00:38 CDT 2009

Well, it's that time again - the newest release of Slackware (13.0) is
now on the mirrors, and since we know everyone is itching for
SlackBuilds.org goodness, we (hopefully) won't disappoint you.  As
usual, the ChangeLog is quite long, and perhaps even longer than usual
this time around.  There are quite a few new additions to the tree,
many old and unmaintained removals, and many updates.  It's entirely
possible (likely even) that we neglected to fix all of the README
files, so if you find any mentions of stuff that that's now part of
Slackware (and thus doesn't need to be noted as a dep), let us know.
Of course, other bug reports are also encouraged, but maybe there won't
be many of those :-) Congratulations to Pat and the Slackware team for
another fine release, and we hope you all enjoy Slackware 13.0 and the
updated SlackBuilds.org stuff. As always, thanks for your support and
encouragement of both the Slackware team and us; happy Slacking!  --
the SlackBuilds.org Admin Team

The following entries are now included in Slackware 13.0, so they are no
  longer in the SlackBuilds.org repository:
  development/subversion-bindings (part of the subversion package)
  libraries/libiptc (part of iptables now)
  system/dolphin (part of kde)
  system/lzma (part of xz)

The following entries were removed for other reasons:
  academic/bibletime: Removed; this won't compile with kde4. 
  academic/bibletime-i18n: Removed; this won't compile with kde4. 
  academic/qalculate-kde: Removed; this won't compile with kde4. 
  academic/rkward: Removed; this won't compile with kde4. 
  academic/scilab: Removed; this won't build a good package on x86_64.
  academic/xdrawchem: This requires qt3, so it's gone.
  academic/xoscope: Removed; this won't compile.
  audio/exaile: Removed; the maintainer plans to resubmit this after
13.0 is released.  --rworkman
  audio/moodbar: Removed; this won't work with Amarok2.  --pprkut
  audio/orpheus: Removed; this won't build and appears to be abandoned
    upstream.  --rworkman
  business/tinyerp-client: Removed; replaced with openerp-client.
--pprkut business/tinyerp-server: Removed; replaced with
openerp-server.  --pprkut desktop/ccsm: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--dsomero desktop/compiz-bcop: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--dsomero desktop/compiz-fusion-plugins-main: Removed; this is
unmaintained.  --dsomero desktop/compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported:
Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/compizconfig-backend-gconf: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--dsomero desktop/compizconfig-backend-kconfig: Removed; this is
unmaintained.  --dsomero desktop/compizconfig-python: Removed; this is
unmaintained.  --dsomero desktop/domino: Removed; this requires kde3.
--pprkut desktop/dzen: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --rworkman
  desktop/emerald: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/emerald-themes: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/fusion-icon: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/kbfx: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  desktop/kcometen3: Removed; this requires kde3.  --michiel
  desktop/kirocker: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  desktop/kkbswitch: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  desktop/krypt: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  desktop/ksmoothdock: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  desktop/pypanel: Removed; won't compile on x86_64 and upstream
    is dead.  --chess
  desktop/QtCurve-KDE3: Removed; replaced with QtCurve-KDE4.  --michiel
  desktop/SystemPreferences: Removed (this depends on the gnustep stuff
    that was removed).  --rworkman
  desktop/simple-ccsm: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  desktop/thunar-shares: Renamed (now called thunar-shares-plugin).
  desktop/wmCalClock: Removed (download link is inaccessible).
--rworkman desktop/wmMoonClock: Removed (download link is
inaccessible).  --rworkman desktop/wmSun: Removed (download link is
inaccessible).  --rworkman desktop/wmnet: Removed (download link is
inaccessible).  --rworkman desktop/wmpower: Removed (download link is
inaccessible).  --rworkman desktop/wmsm.app: Removed (download link is
inaccessible).  --rworkman desktop/xfce4-battery-plugin: Removed; as
far as I'm concerned, this is now obsolete - use xfce4-power-manager
instead.  --rworkman desktop/xfce4-eyes-plugin: Removed; if someone
thinks this is actually worth having, then feel free to resubmit it
(and maintain it).  --rworkman development/Ice: Removed; this is
unmaintained.  --rworkman development/Pivy: Removed; this is
unmaintained.  --rworkman development/ProjectCenter: Removed; this
depends on the gnustep stuff that was also removed.  --rworkman
  development/boost-bindings: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --rworkman
  development/bugle: Removed; this won't build on 13.0, and it was
unmaintained anyway.  --rworkman
  development/gccxml: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --rworkman
  development/gorm: Removed; this depends on the gnustep stuff that was
also removed.  --rworkman
  development/kdbg: Removed; this required kde3.  --michiel
  development/motor: Removed; this won't build on 13.0 and has been 
    unmaintained upstream for a long time.  --michiel
  development/mysqlcc: Removed; this requires qt3.  --pprkut
  development/psycopg: Removed; everything uses psycopg2 by now.
--pprkut development/pygccxml: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--rworkman development/pyplusplus: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--rworkman development/python3: Removed; this will be resubmitted with
some cleanups and a version bump after the 13.0 release.  --rworkman
  development/valgrind: Removed; incompatible with 13.0's glibc.
--pprkut games/defcon: Removed; this is a 32bits binary only.  --michiel
  games/ivan: Removed; this won't compile. 
  games/koules: Removed; this won't compile.
  games/ksudoku: Removed; This is now part of kdegames.  --pprkut
  games/nethack: Removed; this won't compile. 
  games/widelands: Removed; this won't compile.  --pprkut
  games/xgalaga: Removed; this won't compile.
  graphics/enblend-enfuse: Removed; this requires libxmi, which won't
build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  graphics/gwenview: This is now part of kdegraphics.
  graphics/gwenview-i18n: This is now part of kdegraphics.
  graphics/hugin: Removed; this requires enblend-enfuse, which requires
    libxmi, which was removed because it won't build on 13.0.
--rworkman libraries/gail: This is now part of gtk-2.14.x.
  libraries/gnustep-{back,base,gui,make}: Removed.  Best I can tell,
it's not a trivial pursuit to package this stuff correctly on x86_64,
and I have neither the time nor desire to spend any more time on it.
--rworkman libraries/karma-sharp: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--rworkman libraries/libcompizconfig: Removed; this is unmaintained.
--dsomero libraries/libkdcraw: This is now part of kdegraphics.
  libraries/libffi: Removed; conflicts with gcc-java-4.3.3.
  libraries/libghttp: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  libraries/libkexiv2: This is now part of kdegraphics.
  libraries/libkipi: This is now part of kdegraphics.
  libraries/libopensync-plugin-kdepim: Removed; this doesn't work with
kde4. libraries/libqalculate: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.
--rworkman libraries/libxmi: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.
--rworkman librarues/lrmi: Removed; Unmaintained upstream.  --pprkut
  libraries/xmltv_prereq: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  misc/recode: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.  --pprkut
  misc/zaptel: This won't build on 2.6.29+ kernels.  --rworkman
  multimedia/mplayer-codecs-all: Removed (renamed to mplayer-codecs).
  multimedia/mythplugins: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  multimedia/myththemes: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  multimedia/mythtv: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  multimedia/xmltv: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  network/arora: Removed until a workaround is found. This will not work
    correctly with Slackware 13's version of Qt.  --dsomero
  network/dillo: Removed; this is unmaintained, and newer versions will
require some more work to build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  network/dovecot-sieve: Removed (renamed to dovecot-cmusieve).
--rworkman network/kftpgrabber: Removed (won't work with kde4).
--rworkman network/kmyfirewall: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  network/knetmon: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  network/kssh: Removed; this requires kde3.  --rworkman
  network/madwifi-driver: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  network/madwifi-tools: Removed; this won't build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  network/miniupnpd: This needs to catch up with the new iptables API.
  network/muttng: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --rworkman
  network/ntop: Removed; the buildscript of ntop wants to do too much
    on it's own that is not scriptable.  --Michiel
  network/tork: Removed; this requires kde3.  --pprkut
  office/basket: Removed; this requires kde3. --michiel
  office/gnumeric: Removed; the 1.8.x "stable" branch requires quite a
few gnome libs, and since we had 1.9.1 already for 12.2, I'd rather not
roll back to 1.8.x.  However, every new release of 1.9.x bumps the
libgsf requirement to whatever is the latest at that particular time,
so no matter what we here, it's highly likely that it will be wrong in
the near future.  Therefore, we'll wait for 13.0 to release and let the 
    gnumeric maintainer find a release of it that matches the libgsf
that's in 13.0.  Sorry for the book.  --rworkman
  office/kmobiletools: kde4 port seems unstable and unmaintained.
--pprkut office/kdissert: Removed; This is no longer maintained
upstream and QT3 only. 
  office/kmymoney2: Removed; this requires kde3.  --michiel
  office/lyx_qt4: Removed; (renamed to lyx).  --michiel
  office/oooqs2: Removed; this has not been updated for newer OOo.
--rworkman office/taskjuggler: Removed; this requires kde3.  --pprkut
  office/tellico: Removed; this requires kde3.  --michiel
  system/915resolution: Removed; this should no longer be needed.
--rworkman system/cdrkit: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --rworkman
  system/filelight: Removed; this requires kde3.  --michiel
  system/komparator: Removed; this is unmaintained.  --dsomero
  system/kshutdown: Removed; this requires kde3.  There is a kde4
version in development, so the maintainer is free to submit an update.
--rworkman system/lapsus: no kde4 port available yet.
  system/mrxvt: Removed; the license for this script is GPL, which
requires it to include a copy of the GPL, which is braindead for a
script that's *many* times smaller than the GPL itself, so mrxvt is
removed until or unless the build script is relicensed.  --rworkman
  system/nvidia-legacy71-driver: incompatible with xorg-server >= 1.5
  system/nvidia-legacy71-kernel: incompatible with xorg-server >= 1.5
  system/skim: Removed (unmaintained).  --rworkman
  system/slackins: This requires qt3, so it's gone.

The following entries were updated for 13.0:
  academic/celestia: Updated for version 1.6.0.  --pprkut
  academic/link-grammar: Updated for version 4.5.8.  --rworkman
  accessibility/linuxwacom: Updated for version 0.8.3_6.  --rworkman
  accessibility/jpilot: Updated for version 1.6.2 and included a patch
to use the expected libdir rather than violating POLA.  --rworkman
  audio/ardour: Updated for version 2.8.1.  --pprkut
  audio/gmpc: Updated for version 0.18.98.  --erik
  audio/gmpc-plugins: Updated for version 0.18.98.  --erik
  audio/gtkpod: Updated for version 0.99.14.  --rworkman
  audio/mp3blaster: Updated for version 3.2.5.  --rworkman
  audio/mpd: Updated for version 0.15.2.  --erik
  audio/ocp: Updated for version 0.1.17.  --erik
  desktop/QtCurve-Gtk2: Updated for version 0.65.3. --michiel
  desktop/crystal: Updated for version 2.0.3.  --michiel
  desktop/enlightenment: Updated for version 0.16.999.062.  --erik
  desktop/google-gadgets-for-linux: Updated for version 0.11.0.
--pprkut desktop/rss-glx: Updated for version 0.9.0.  --erik
  desktop/thunar-shares-plugin: Added (renamed from thunar-shares).
--rworkman desktop/thunar-svn-plugin: Updated for version 003 and added
a patch from Gentoo to build with subversion-1.6.x.  --rworkman
  desktop/thunar-thumbnailers: Updated for version 0.4.1.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-clipman-plugin: Updated for version 1.0.1.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: Updated for version 0.4.0.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-dict: Updated for version 0.5.3.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-diskperf-plugin: Updated for version 2.2.0.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-genmon-plugin: Updated for version 3.2.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-mpc-plugin: Updated for version 0.3.3.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-notes-plugin: Updated for version 1.7.0.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-places-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.0.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-screenshooter: Updated for version 1.6.0.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-timer-plugin: Updated for version 0.6.1.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-wavelan-plugin: Updated for version 0.5.5.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-weather-plugin: Updated for version 0.7.3.  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-xkb-plugin: Updated for version  --rworkman
  desktop/xfce4-xmms-plugin: Updated for version 0.5.2.  --rworkman
  development/MySQL-python: Updated for version 1.2.3c1.  --pprkut
  development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 0.5.5.  --pprkut
  development/acpica: Updated for version 20090625. --pprkut
  development/apache-maven: Updated for version 2.2.0.  --pprkut
  development/bashdb: Updated for version 4.0-0.3.  --erik
  development/bzr: Updated for version 1.16.1.  --rworkman
  development/gob2: Updated for version 2.0.16.  --erik
  development/patchutils: Updated for version 0.3.1.  --rworkman
  development/kdesvn: Updated for version 1.3.2.  --michiel
  development/kdiff3: Updated for version 0.9.95.  --michiel
  development/llvm: Updated for version 2.5.  --pprkut
  development/psycopg2: Updated for version 2.0.11.  --pprkut
  games/bzflag: Updated for version 2.0.12.  --chess
  games/desmume: Updated for version 0.9.4.
    Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --pprkut
  games/gnubg: Updated for version 0.90.0_20090817.  --erik
  games/mednafen: Updated for version 0.8.C.  --pprkut
  games/scummvm: Updated for version 0.13.1.  --pprkut
  games/spring: Updated for version  --rworkman
  games/springlobby: Updated for version  --rworkman
  games/warzone2100: Updated for version 2.2.1.  --dsomero
  games/wesnoth: Updated for version 1.6.4.  --michiel
  games/zsnes: Updated for version 1.51b.
    Thanks to "Dave" on slackbuilds-users.  --rworkman
  graphics/fontforge: Updated for version 20090622.  --rworkman
  graphics/gtkam: Updated for version
    Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --rworkman
  graphics/inkscape: Updated for version 0.47pre0.  --rworkman
  graphics/lilypond: Updated for version 2.12.2.  --pprkut
  graphics/mftrace: Updated for version 1.2.15.  --pprkut
  graphics/opengtl: Updated for version 0.9.9.  --pprkut
  graphics/xtrkcad: Updated for version 4.0.3a.  
    Thanks to David Spencer.  --rworkman
  libraries/PyXML: Included a patch to work with python-2.6.
    Thanks to Vincent Batts for the heads-up on this.  --pprkut
  libraries/cln: Updated for version 1.3.0.  --rworkman
  libraries/e_dbus: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/ecore: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/edje: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/eet: Updated for version 1.2.2.  --erik
  libraries/efreet: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/eina: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/embryo: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/evas: Updated for version  --erik
  libraries/exempi: Updated for version 2.1.1.
  libraries/exo-notify: Updated for version 0.3.101 to match the exo
version in Slackware's xfce package.  --rworkman
  libraries/gdal: Updated for version 1.6.0.
    Thanks to Marco Cecchetti.  --rworkman
  libraries/geos: Updated for version 3.0.4.  
    Thanks to Marco Cecchetti.  --rworkman
  libraries/gst-python: Updated for version 0.10.15.  As of right now,
there is an 0.10.16 release, but it won't build for me.  --rworkman
  libraries/gtk-qt-egine: Updated for version 1.1.  --michiel
  libraries/icu4c: Updated for version 4.2.1.  --pprkut
  libraries/id3lib: Included a patch to build on 13.0.  --rworkman
  libraries/libburn: Updated for version 0.6.8.  --rworkman
  libraries/libetpan: Updated for version 0.58.  --rworkman
  libraries/libglademm: Updated for version 2.6.7.  --pprkut
  libraries/libinklevel: Updated for version 0.8.0.  --rworkman
  libraries/libisoburn: Updated for version 0.3.8.  --rworkman
  libraries/libisofs: Updated for version 0.6.20.  --rworkman
  libraries/libmpd: Updated for version 0.18.98.  --erik
  libraries/libnfnetlink: Updated for version 1.0.0.  --rworkman
  libraries/libopenraw: Updated for version 0.0.8.  --michiel
  libraries/libpri: Updated for version  --rworkman
  libraries/libquicktime: Updated for version 1.1.3.  --pprkut
  libraries/libsmbios: Updated for version 2.2.19.  --rworkman
  libraries/libtorrent: Updated for version 0.12.4.  --rworkman
  libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar: Updated for version 0.14.4.
--rworkman libraries/openbabel: Updated for version 2.2.1.  --rworkman
  libraries/physfs: Updated for version 2.0.0.  --dsomero
  libraries/slv2: Updated for version 0.6.6.  --pprkut
  libraries/swfdec: Updated for version 0.8.4.  --erik
  libraries/wvstream: Updated for version 4.6.  --rworkman
  libraries/xalan-c: Included a patch to compile with gcc-4.3.  --pprkut
  misc/fcitx: Updated for version 3.6.0.   --michiel
  misc/gnome-doc-utils: Updated for version 0.17.2.  --rworkman
  misc/krename: Updated for version 3.9.3  --pprkut
  multimedia/Songbird: Updated for version 1.20.  --michiel
  multimedia/flash-player-plugin: Updated for version
--rworkman multimedia/flash-player-standalone: Updated for version  --pprkut multimedia/gst-gnome-vfs: Updated for version
0.10.23 (to match the version of gst-plugins-base that's in 13.0).
--rworkman multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Updated for version 0.10.13.
--michiel multimedia/gst-plugins-good: Updated for version 0.10.15.
--michiel multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 0.10.12.
--michiel multimedia/kaffeine: Updated for version 1.0_pre1.  --michiel
  multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 2.9.8.  --erik
  multimedia/transcode: Updated for version 1.1.3.  --pprkut
  multimedia/wxcam: Updated for version 1.0.4.
    Thanks to Pierre Cazenave.  --rworkman
  network/LimeWire: Updated for version 5.1.4.  --rworkman
  network/aircrack-ng: Updated for version 1.0_rc3 since previous
version did not build on Slackware64.  --chess
  network/autossh: Updated for version 1.4b.  --rworkman
  network/b43-fwcutter: Updated for version 012.  --rworkman
  network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.7.2.  --rworkman
  network/claws-mail-extra-plugins: Updated for version 3.7.2.
--rworkman network/dropbear: Updated for version 0.52.  --rworkman
  network/ipvsadm: Updated for version 1.25.  --pprkut
  network/konversation: Updated for version 1.2_alpha4.  --michiel
  network/lighttpd: Updated for version 1.4.23.  --rworkman
  network/memcached: Updated for version 1.2.8.  --rworkman
  network/msmtp: Updated for version 1.4.17.  --rworkman
  network/ndiswrapper: Updated for version 1.55.  --rworkman
  network/skype: Switched to the shared build to get better
    KDE4 Integration.  --pprkut
  network/tor: Updated for version  --dsomero
  network/wireshark: Updated for version 1.2.1.  --michiel
  network/xtables-addons: Updated for version 1.17.  --rworkman
  office/abiword: Updated for version 2.6.8.  --rworkman
  office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.1.2.  --pprkut
  office/apvlv: Updated for version  --rworkman
  office/eqonomize: Updated for version 0.6.  --pprkut
  office/kchmviewer: Updated for version 4.0.  --michiel
  office/lyx: Updated for version 1.6.3.  --michiel
  office/moneydance: Updated for version 2008_b640.  --rworkman
  office/scribus: Updated for version 1.3.5.rc3.  --rworkman
  system/apcupsd: Updated for version 3.14.7.  --rworkman
  system/cdemu-daemon: Patched to compile on 13.0.  --pprkut
  system/cfengine: Updated for version 2.2.10.  
    Thanks to Menno Duursma.  --rworkman
  system/ddrescue: Updated for version 1.11.  --pprkut
  system/dosbox: Updated for version 0.73.  --michiel
  system/fakeroot: Updated for version 1.12.4.  --rworkman
  system/fpm2: Updated for version 0.75.  --erik
  system/gammu: Updated for version 1.25.0.  --pprkut
  system/gdm: Updated for version 2.20.10.  --rworkman
  system/htop: Updated for version 0.8.3. This fixes the segfaulting
problem on htop-0.8.2 when trying to sort.  --michiel
  system/krusader: Updated for version 2.0.0.  --rworkman
  system/lbzip2: Updated for version 0.15.  --erik
  system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 185.18.31.  --pprkut
  system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 185.18.31.  --pprkut
  system/nvidia-legacy173-driver: Updated for version 173.14.20.
--pprkut system/nvidia-legacy173-kernel: Updated for version
173.14.20.  --pprkut system/nvidia-legacy96-driver: Updated for version
96.43.13.  --pprkut system/nvidia-legacy96-kernel: Updated for version
96.43.13.  --pprkut system/pommed: Updated for version 1.26.  --rworkman
  system/powertop: Updated for version 1.11.  --pprkut
  system/qemu: Updated for 0.10.6.  --rworkman
  system/rkhunter: Updated for version 1.3.4.  --rworkman
  system/set_rlimits: Updated for version 1.3.0.  --rworkman
  system/virtualbox-ose: Updated for version 3.0.4.  --pprkut
  system/virtualbox-ose-addons: Updated for version 3.0.4.  --pprkut
  system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 3.0.4.  --pprkut
  system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated for version 3.0.4.  --pprkut
  system/wine: Updated for version 1.1.24.  Note that this won't build
on a stock Slackware 13.0 64bit system - you'll need 32bit
compatibility stuff to do so.  We won't say it doesn't work, but we
don't support it. system/xfburn: Updated for version 0.4.2.  --rworkman
  system/yakuake: Updated for version 2.9.6.  --pprkut
  system/zeroinstall-injector: Updated for version 0.41.1.  --erik

The following were added to the repository for 13.0:
  business/openerp-client: Added (Renamed from tinyerp-client).
--pprkut business/openerp-server: Added (Renamed from openerp-server).
--pprkut desktop/QtCurve-KDE: Added; this replaces QtCurve-KDE3.
--michiel desktop/xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: Added xfce4-mailwatch-plugin
is a plugin for the XFCE4 panel to check mail. --dsomero
  desktop/xfce4-notifyd: Added. xfce4-notifyd is a notification daemon
    for the XFCE desktop. Thanks to Frank Caraballo.  --michiel
  desktop/xfswitch-plugin: Added. Thanks to rworkman.  --michiel
  libraries/pangomm: Added. Pangomm is a C++ API for Pango. --erik
  libraries/pychart: Added. This is needed for openerp-server.  --pprkut
  libraries/pydot: Added. This is needed for openerp-server.  --pprkut
  libraries/pyicu: Added. This is needed for vobject.  --pprkut
  libraries/pytz: Added. This is needed for openerp-server.  --pprkut
  libraries/vobject: Added. This is needed for openerp-server.  --pprkut
  multimedia/mplayer-codecs: Added (renamed from mplayer-codecs-all).
  network/dovecot-cmusieve: Added (renamed from dovecot-sieve).  
    Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
  office/evince: Added. Evince is a lightweight PDF and document viewer.
    Thanks to Andrew Bouwers for the buildscript.  --michiel

The following entries were not checked at all for 13.0, as we simply ran
  out of time to do them.  We know that some of these were likely
mentioned on the mailing list, but we were too busy trying to get
everything ready for the release of 13.0.  Sorry for the inconvenience,
but maybe we'll be ready for new submissions pretty soon...
  audio/SlimServer: Removed.
  audio/amSynth: Removed.
  audio/quodlibet: Removed.
  audio/scmpc: Removed.
  audio/tuxguitar: Removed.
  audio/xmms2: Removed.
  business/clacct: Removed.
  business/ledger: Removed.
  business/xtuple: Removed.
  desktop/3ddesktop: Removed.
  desktop/Alphacube-GTK: Removed.
  desktop/Blokkal: Removed.
  desktop/CurseTheWeather: Removed.
  desktop/adesklets: Removed.
  desktop/alltray: Removed.
  desktop/alphacube: Removed.
  desktop/bbrun: Removed.
  desktop/blended: Removed.
  desktop/brightside: Removed.
  desktop/candido: Removed.
  desktop/cellwriter: Removed.
  desktop/cylonminimal: Removed.
  desktop/desklaunch: Removed.
  desktop/docker: Removed.
  desktop/dwm: Removed.
  desktop/fbdesk: Removed.
  desktop/ffmpegthumbnailer: Removed.
  desktop/furiusisomount: Removed.
  desktop/gtk-smooth-engine: Removed.
  desktop/industrial-cursor-theme: Removed.
  desktop/ion: Removed.
  desktop/kooldock: Removed.
  desktop/linstasquared: Removed.
  desktop/lipstik: Removed.
  desktop/nitrogen: Removed.
  desktop/oroborus: Removed.
  desktop/parcellite: Removed.
  desktop/pclock: Removed.
  desktop/pekwm: Removed.
  desktop/rezlooks: Removed.
  desktop/root-tail: Removed.
  desktop/stalonetray: Removed.
  desktop/ubuntulooks: Removed.
  desktop/whaw: Removed.
  desktop/xmobar: Removed.
  desktop/xxkb: Removed.
  development/Amaya: Removed.
  development/Coin: Removed.
  development/Genshi: Removed.
  development/Jinja: Removed.
  development/LLgen: Removed.
  development/Quarter: Removed.
  development/SilverCity: Removed.
  development/Werkzeug: Removed.
  development/Xdialog: Removed.
  development/argouml: Removed.
  development/astyle: Removed.
  development/autogen: Removed.
  development/boo: Removed.
  development/bouml: Removed.
  development/bouml_docs: Removed.
  development/bzrtools: Removed.
  development/cc65: Removed.
  development/cgdb: Removed.
  development/check: Removed.
  development/cm_tools: Removed.
  development/codeblocks: Removed.
  development/cvsps: Removed.
  development/ded: Removed.
  development/diakonos: Removed.
  development/django: Removed.
  development/eagle: Removed.
  development/easyedit: Removed.
  development/easygui: Removed.
  development/empty: Removed.
  development/esvn: Removed.
  development/flup: Removed.
  development/glade3: Removed.
  development/gputils: Removed.
  development/gtk-sharp: Removed.
  development/gtkdialog: Removed.
  development/hexedit: Removed.
  development/hgsvn: Removed.
  development/ht: Removed.
  development/hugs98: Removed.
  development/jasspa: Removed.
  development/jbigkit: Removed.
  development/ketchup: Removed.
  development/kompozer: Removed.
  development/kontrollerlab: Removed.
  development/latrace: Removed.
  development/libanculus-sharp: Removed.
  development/loki: Removed.
  development/mcpp: Removed.
  development/mono: Removed.
  development/mono-addins: Removed.
  development/monotone: Removed.
  development/ndesk-dbus: Removed.
  development/ndesk-dbus-glib: Removed.
  development/netbeans: Removed.
  development/openmpi: Removed.
  development/piklab: Removed.
  development/psyco: Removed.
  development/pydblite: Removed.
  development/python-pmw: Removed.
  development/qdevelop: Removed.
  development/qt-creator: Removed.
  development/quilt: Removed.
  development/re2c: Removed.
  development/saxonb: Removed.
  development/scite: Removed.
  development/sdcc: Removed.
  development/shed: Removed.
  development/sloccount: Removed.
  development/smake: Removed.
  development/source-highlight: Removed.
  development/splint: Removed.
  development/stgit: Removed.
  development/swi-prolog-lite: Removed.
  development/tailor: Removed.
  development/tavrasm: Removed.
  development/tkcvs: Removed.
  development/tokyocabinet: Removed.
  development/uisp: Removed.
  development/uncrustify: Removed.
  development/vic: Removed.
  development/xalan-j: Removed.
  development/zile: Removed.
  games/Phalanx: Removed.
  games/armagetronad: Removed.
  games/blobAndConquer: Removed.
  games/brickout: Removed.
  games/bygfoot: Removed.
  games/chromium-bsu: Removed.
  games/circuslinux: Removed.
  games/crack-attack: Removed.
  games/crossfire-client: Removed.
  games/epsxe: Removed.
  games/fortune_firefly: Removed.
  games/freeciv: Removed.
  games/freedroidrpg: Removed.
  games/frotz: Removed.
  games/gemdropx: Removed.
  games/gens: Removed.
  games/gnugo: Removed.
  games/ivan: Removed.
  games/kobodeluxe: Removed.
  games/koules: Removed.
  games/monsterz: Removed.
  games/nethack: Removed.
  games/nevernoid: Removed.
  games/pysolfc: Removed.
  games/pysweeper: Removed.
  games/qgo: Removed.
  games/qmc2: Removed.
  games/sms_sdl: Removed.
  games/transfusion: Removed.
  games/tuxpuck: Removed.
  games/typhoon_2001: Removed.
  games/xaos: Removed.
  games/xgalaga++: Removed.
  games/xscrabble: Removed.
  games/z26: Removed.
  graphics/bashgallery: Removed.
  graphics/comix: Removed.
  graphics/digikam: Removed.
  graphics/djview4: Removed.
  graphics/exif: Removed.
  graphics/exiftags: Removed.
  graphics/fbida: Removed.
  graphics/fly: Removed.
  graphics/gerbv: Removed.
  graphics/gimmage: Removed.
  graphics/gliv: Removed.
  graphics/gpicview: Removed.
  graphics/grap: Removed.
  graphics/jhead: Removed.
  graphics/kipi-plugins: Removed.
  graphics/kphotoalbum: Removed.
  graphics/mirage: Removed.
  graphics/pcb: Removed.
  graphics/photoprint: Removed.
  graphics/plotutils: Removed.
  graphics/qcomicbook: Removed.
  graphics/rawstudio: Removed.
  graphics/svp: Removed.
  graphics/tripod: Removed.
  graphics/unpaper: Removed.
  graphics/yafray: Removed.
  graphics/zgv: Removed.
  libraries/clearsilver: Removed.
  libraries/gst-ffmpeg: Removed.
  libraries/guile-gtk: Removed.
  libraries/libnids: Removed.
  libraries/libstroke: Removed.
  libraries/libzrtpcpp: Removed.
  libraries/nss-mysql: Removed.
  libraries/pcsc-perl: Removed.
  libraries/pcsc-tools: Removed.
  libraries/perl-trayicon: Removed.
  libraries/python-spidermonkey: Removed.
  libraries/stfl: Removed.
  libraries/webkit-sharp: Removed.
  libraries/xmonad-contrib: Removed.
  misc/biosdisk: Removed.
  misc/bsdsfv: Removed.
  misc/cksfv: Removed.
  misc/di: Removed.
  misc/gxmessage: Removed.
  misc/heyu: Removed.
  misc/iscan-firmware: Removed.
  misc/iscan-proprietary-drivers: Removed.
  misc/kover: Removed.
  misc/kvm: Removed.
  misc/misctools: Removed.
  misc/qstat: Removed.
  misc/rlwrap: Removed.
  misc/rng-tools: Removed.
  misc/xclip: Removed.
  misc/xsel: Removed.
  multimedia/Miro: Removed.
  multimedia/devede: Removed.
  multimedia/divx4linux: Removed.
  multimedia/dvdrip: Removed.
  multimedia/ffmpeg2theora: Removed.
  multimedia/flvtool2: Removed.
  multimedia/gcstar: Removed.
  multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer: Removed.
  multimedia/gnome-mplayer: Removed.
  multimedia/gpac: Removed.
  multimedia/grip: Removed.
  multimedia/imagination: Removed.
  multimedia/k9copy: Removed.
  multimedia/kdetv: Removed.
  multimedia/kid3: Removed.
  multimedia/kmplayer: Removed.
  multimedia/mmsclient: Removed.
  multimedia/mppenc: Removed.
  multimedia/quodlibet-plugins: Removed.
  multimedia/remoot: Removed.
  multimedia/subtitleeditor: Removed.
  multimedia/tvtime: Removed.
  multimedia/vcdimager: Removed.
  multimedia/vkeybd: Removed.
  multimedia/vobcopy: Removed.
  multimedia/xine-plugin: Removed.
  network/SocksiPy: Removed.
  network/amap: Removed.
  network/bmon: Removed.
  network/bot-sentry: Removed.
  network/castget: Removed.
  network/ccrtp: Removed.
  network/chrony: Removed.
  network/davfs2: Removed.
  network/deluge: Removed.
  network/dsniff: Removed.
  network/dynamips: Removed.
  network/efax-gtk: Removed.
  network/esmtp: Removed.
  network/exim: Removed.
  network/fcgi: Removed.
  network/flock: Removed.
  network/galaxium: Removed.
  network/ganglia: Removed.
  network/guarddog: Removed.
  network/heimdal: Removed.
  network/hping3: Removed.
  network/htscanner: Removed.
  network/ilbc: Removed.
  network/iscsitarget: Removed.
  network/kadu: Removed.
  network/kazehakase: Removed.
  network/kcheckgmail: Removed.
  network/kdebluetooth: Removed.
  network/kitchensync: Removed.
  network/kmess: Removed.
  network/kmldonkey: Removed.
  network/kuftp: Removed.
  network/linphone: Removed.
  network/linuxdcpp: Removed.
  network/lostirc: Removed.
  network/mozilla-prism: Removed.
  network/mozplugger: Removed.
  network/mrtg: Removed.
  network/msn-pecan: Removed.
  network/mumble: Removed.
  network/museek+: Removed.
  network/naim: Removed.
  network/netkit: Removed.
  network/netkit-filesystem: Removed.
  network/netkit-kernel: Removed.
  network/newsbeuter: Removed.
  network/nginx: Removed.
  network/nicotine-plus: Removed.
  network/nikto: Removed.
  network/noip: Removed.
  network/packit: Removed.
  network/phrel: Removed.
  network/pidgin-hotkeys: Removed.
  network/pidgin-otr: Removed.
  network/polipo: Removed.
  network/qbittorrent: Removed.
  network/radvd: Removed.
  network/retroshare: Removed.
  network/rtorrent: Removed.
  network/scli: Removed.
  network/sim: Removed.
  network/smb4k: Removed.
  network/spamassassin: Removed.
  network/strongswan: Removed.
  network/tcptrack: Removed.
  network/tsocks: Removed.
  network/tucan: Removed.
  network/twinkle: Removed.
  network/twitter-cmdline: Removed.
  network/varnish: Removed.
  network/vde2: Removed.
  network/w3af: Removed.
  network/w3m: Removed.
  network/weechat: Removed.
  network/wifi-radar: Removed.
  network/xrdp: Removed.
  network/znc: Removed.
  office/aiksaurus: Removed.
  office/brlcad: Removed.
  office/ding: Removed.
  office/freemind: Removed.
  office/full-pack: Removed.
  office/gocr: Removed.
  office/kbgoffice: Removed.
  office/kbibtex: Removed.
  office/keepassx: Removed.
  office/kile: Removed.
  office/mairix: Removed.
  office/openrpt: Removed.
  office/osmo: Removed.
  office/pdftk: Removed.
  office/pyroom: Removed.
  office/tdl: Removed.
  office/tth: Removed.
  office/xmblackberry: Removed.
  system/Esetroot: Removed.
  system/adcfw-log: Removed.
  system/artwiz-aleczapka: Removed.
  system/atari++: Removed.
  system/atari800: Removed.
  system/atari800_os++: Removed.
  system/atari800_roms: Removed.
  system/atarisio: Removed.
  system/atol: Removed.
  system/catfish: Removed.
  system/cdcopy: Removed.
  system/chkconfig: Removed.
  system/clex: Removed.
  system/detachtty: Removed.
  system/dosemu: Removed.
  system/dtach: Removed.
  system/dump: Removed.
  system/efont-unicode-bdf: Removed.
  system/fxload: Removed.
  system/gkrellflynn: Removed.
  system/gkrellm-volume: Removed.
  system/gpsman: Removed.
  system/gxemul: Removed.
  system/hardinfo: Removed.
  system/hibernate-script: Removed.
  system/ibam: Removed.
  system/iscan: Removed.
  system/lirc: Removed.
  system/lxtask: Removed.
  system/montecarlo: Removed.
  system/motion: Removed.
  system/moto4lin: Removed.
  system/mybashburn: Removed.
  system/openct: Removed.
  system/opensc: Removed.
  system/par2cmdline: Removed.
  system/pcsc-lite: Removed.
  system/pipemeter: Removed.
  system/pmem: Removed.
  system/postgis: Removed.
  system/powernowd: Removed.
  system/profont: Removed.
  system/pygresql: Removed.
  system/qdu: Removed.
  system/rdiff-backup: Removed.
  system/rox-filer: Removed.
  system/runit: Removed.
  system/sash: Removed.
  system/scim-fcitx: Removed.
  system/splix: Removed.
  system/star: Removed.
  system/stardict: Removed.
  system/stress: Removed.
  system/suspend: Removed.
  system/tarsnap: Removed.
  system/tiger: Removed.
  system/treesize: Removed.
  system/ttf-sil-gentium: Removed.
  system/twin: Removed.
  system/unison: Removed.
  system/vice: Removed.
  system/vncviewer: Removed.
  system/watchdog: Removed.
  system/x2vnc: Removed.
  system/xautolock: Removed.
  system/xtermcontrol: Removed.
  system/yeahconsole: Removed.

Michiel van Wessem
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