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Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sat Aug 29 05:42:02 UTC 2009

On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 09:23:44 +0300
"Grigorios Bouzakis" <grbzks at xsmail.com> wrote:

> It has come to my attention that the sumbitted scripts for packages
> that install info files in /usr/info, common mostly in GNU tools, 
> but not limited to those don't add entries to the /usr/info/dir 
> file which makes autocompletion fail.
> AFAIK Pat ships a custom dir file making sure that the entries there
> reflect the packages part of Slackware. But if you install others 
> the dir file isn't updated, at least not for the ones i've checked 
> available on SBo.  I don't know what other implications this has, 
> since i don't use the info files much.  But i have 3 packages 
> installing one, msmtp, gtypist & ratpoison, & autocompletion fails 
> for them all.
> To deal with this there could be something like the following in
> doinst.sh:
> install-info /usr/info/$package.info $/usr/info/dir 2> /dev/null
> that adds the entry to the dir file. Most tools in SBo don't have
> multiple info files like it happens for example with a2ps in 
> Slackware.
> Of course that entry will stay there even if the custom installed
> package is unistalled. It would need something like
> install-info --delete /usr/info/$package.info $/usr/info/dir 2> /dev/null
> but Slackware doesnt have a way to do that automatically upon package
> removal.
> Maybe it would be worth adding an entry to the doinst.sh in the
> template.SlackBuild?
> Thoughts?

If (and that *is* an *if*) we do this, we would need to do it in a 
way that's alternate-root safe.  Hypothetically speaking, if we do
it, what happens *when* a package is removed and info's dir file 
still has entry in it?  Does it simply enable autocompletion of a
now nonexistent file(name), or does it cause any actual problems?

FWIW, I'm wondering all of this while (again) cursing the idea 
that texinfo is somehow superior to mandoc.  Sheesh.

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