[Slackbuilds-users] awesome 3.1.1 ?

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Mon Feb 2 21:26:14 UTC 2009

* xma at gnu.org <xma at gnu.org> [2009-02-02 20:01:14]:

> Hi,
> I tried to modify sbo awesome slackbuild script but it miserably
> failed due to missing symbols in the cairo library shipped with
> default slackware distribution.
> To correctly build awesome3, we need cairo compiled with XCB
> backend. I know how to build it but I want to know how I can
> update awesome3 in SBo (knowing that without xcb-aware cairo
> library) won't work.

As the maintainer of the awesome SlackBuild I have not investigated this
and do not plan to (and do not plan to update the awesome SlackBuild)
because of all the changes between awesome2 and awesome3.  You probably
know this, but awesome3 is completely different than awesome2.  Awesome3
is based on lua, has a completely different configuration file, and, as
you discovered, different dependencies (some of which cannot be
satisfied without replacing stock Slackware packages which I will not do
on my systems).

If you or someone else wants to create and submit an awesome3 SlackBuild
to SBo that would cool -- I imagine the SBo admins would be OK with
keeping both in the repo since they are really very different
applications, but since I am not an admin that's not my call.  I would
support adding awesome3, FWIW since you are not the first to ask about
this -- search the ML archives.

Anyway, the way to adapt the current awesome2 SlackBuild is the same as
any -- figure out what needs to be changed and change it.  Get the
source, and unpack it.  Run ./configure --help and see what options are
available.  Edit the SlackBuild as needed.  Edit the .info file as
needed.  You may want to read some of the information on slackbuilds.org
about creating SlackBuild scripts since that's basically what you would
be doing, only with a template that is more complete than the basic SBo

Chess Griffin
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