[Slackbuilds-users] awesome 3.1.1 ?

xma at gnu.org xma at gnu.org
Wed Feb 4 23:31:41 UTC 2009


Chess Griffin <chess at chessgriffin.com> wrote:

> * Robby Workman <rworkman at slackbuilds.org> [2009-02-02 15:27:56]:
> > On Mon, 2 Feb 2009 16:26:14 -0500
> > Chess Griffin <chess at chessgriffin.com> wrote:
> > 
> > > As the maintainer of the awesome SlackBuild I have not investigated
> > > this and do not plan to (and do not plan to update the awesome
> > > SlackBuild) because of all the changes between awesome2 and
> > > awesome3.  You probably know this, but awesome3 is completely
> > > different than awesome2.  Awesome3 is based on lua, has a completely
> > > different configuration file, and, as you discovered, different
> > > dependencies (some of which cannot be satisfied without replacing
> > > stock Slackware packages which I will not do on my systems).

Here my "modified cairo installation" does not replace the stock
cairo since I installed it in /usr/local which awesome was kind
to use as the prefered cairo library :)

> > and for this reason, an awesome3 build script is not welcome at this
> > time.  Maybe for the next Slackware release, which should (assuming
> > gtk+2 and friends are updated) have a newer cairo version.
> > 
> Makes sense, of course.  Still the OP can modify the SlackBuild for his
> personal use in the meantime and then have it ready to go if/when those
> changes are made in Slackware proper.

If ever made :)
> And to the OP, sorry if I seemed gruff.  I'm just annoyed that awesome3
> made all those changes when IMHO, awesome2 was pretty darn awesome.
> Using a deprecated window manager (that I like) sucks.  Having said
> that, there is an update to awesome2 (2.3.5) that I will submit soon.
> One last tidbit for the OP - did you see this in the awesome wiki:
> http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/index.php?title=Awesome-3-Slackware

Checked it and I only needed to make my own slackbuild for cairo
with xcb support. It works like a charm.
> I think that has the answers you are seeking.  :-)


Thank you all for your time and support.

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