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Arthur Fontolan arthurfontolan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 14:59:24 UTC 2009


I sent a patch and the modified file adesklets.Slackbuild.

The changes that made the original slackbuild was the removal of the lines
below as an option to configure. They do not exist in the configure (. /
configure --help) of adesklets. They are:

- with-perl = /usr /bin /perl \
- enable-eps \
- enable-gif \
- enable-png \

And the inclusion of the lines below, which apply the patch file
adesklets.diff, correcting the error with fontconfig> = 2.4

# Copy patch file to the src path
cp $ CWD / adesklets.diff $ TMP / $ PRGNAM-$ VERSION

# apply the patch
patch-p1 <adesklets.diff

# regen. configure script

# Fix compile error in man docs
sed-i 's: / bin / sh $ (SHELL) / bin / sh: g' doc / Makefile

I am sending the attached slackbuild with the changes and the patch file.

The corrections were based on instructions contained in the sites

The patch can be found in repositories of ArchLinux AUR in the Gentoo
repositories in the GIT repository adesklets or on-site manualinux.my-


Arthur Fontolan
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