[Slackbuilds-users] Use for a package repository?

fullofdaylight at no-log.org fullofdaylight at no-log.org
Thu Feb 19 22:38:51 UTC 2009


This is slightly off-topic since it doesn't deal with SlackBuilds, but I'd
like to know your opinion on a SBo package repository (read "third

- Given SBo is the top quality source for additional software under
- given most of the proposed software is under an OSS license,
- given users will customize SlackBuilds only when needed and otherwise
use the default settings,
- given compilation can take a while (Battle for Wesnoth anyone?),
would it be a good thing if someone creates a repository containing
packages (properly) compiled from SBo SlackBuilds with default settings?

Some programs couldn't be redistributed as packages due to licensing
issues, and some would need the user to choose compilation options, but
the vast majority would work.

Are there issues that would make it a bad idea? Or in the contrary would
it be a useful, convenient way to get quality packages?


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