[Slackbuilds-users] Use for a package repository?

Eric Hameleers eha at sox.homeip.net
Fri Feb 20 08:42:58 UTC 2009

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On Thu, 19 Feb 2009 fullofdaylight at no-log.org wrote:

> would it be a good thing if someone creates a repository containing
> packages (properly) compiled from SBo SlackBuilds with default settings?

I am not going to tell you whether or not you should create such a 
repository. I know there are several package repositories that are 
basically using the SlackBuild scripts we provide at SBo to create the 

However, there is a good reason you never see the phrase "based on SBo 
scripts" on these repositories' home pages. The slackbuilds.org team does 
not want to be affiliated to any 3rd package repository.

The reason? We provide QA-tested SlackBuild scripts submitted by a large 
community of Slackware enthousiasts. The admin team tests these scripts.

By creating a GPG signature file (the .asc file) for an approved tarball 
we say "this script works as advertised, and running it as root will not 
harm your computer". Being able to verify the tarball's GPG signature 
means that you can be sure the script you are going to use is _exactly_ 
the one that we tested.

Now, with pre-built packages based on SBo scripts you are _never_ going to 
be certain that the SlackBuild used to produce the package was identical 
to the one that got a stamp of approval from the SBo admins. This means, 
that we do not want to see someone advertising that he is providing 
packages based on slackbuilds.org scripts. We do not have control over the 
end product, so we do not assume any responsibility for it.


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