[Slackbuilds-users] [OT] some slackbuilds

paul wisehart listreader at lupulin.net
Fri Jan 2 03:28:26 UTC 2009


I set this page up to test out using Trac backed by a git repo. [0]

I used my personal slackbuilds git repo so I figured i'd post the link here.

It's defn. not meant to be a full on public site, but feel free to 
checkout the slackbuilds.  I'm too lazy to submite them all to SBo, or 
there might be peculiarities to the package that I havn't flushed out 
enuf.  (for ex. some of them use unversioned svn code.)

If anyone wants a particular slackbuild submitted to SBo, feel free to 
bug me to do it.

paul w

[0] python and git are my new favorite things.

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