[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.20.0 Released

Wade S Grant wade.grant at sqdnguns.com
Mon Jan 5 21:29:14 UTC 2009

Chess Griffin wrote:
> * Wade S Grant <wade.grant at sqdnguns.com> [2009-01-05 13:00:52]:
>> I have seen time out issues with berlios.de in the past.........
> Well, don't get me started on sourceforge mirrors... :-)
>> sbopkg is a great time saver!
> Glad to hear it!

How does sbopkg handle a slackbuild script that's not executable?

Inkscape just failed due to a bad mdsum so I downloaded the slackbuild 
and source manually and that is when I noted the script was not executable.
Wade S Grant
USMC, Retired

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