[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.20.0 Released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Tue Jan 6 02:19:39 UTC 2009

* xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org <xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org> [2009-01-05 19:36:35]:

> On Monday 05 January 2009 18:10:53 Chess Griffin wrote:
> > Actually, sbopkg executes the SlackBuild with "sh app.SlackBuild"
> > which will work even if it's not executable.  In fact, none of the
> > SlackBuilds in the repo are supposed to be executable, IIRC.
> > 
> The goal is to have the files on the server non-executable but the 
> *.SlackBuild in the tarball executable. Congratulations on the 
> 0.20.0 release of your most excellent tool.

Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks, David!  And just so folks know,
development is ongoing.  I am currently working on two new features
(along with bugfixes, of course): (1) the ability to pass along
arguments to the SlackBuilds when packages are built in the dialog
interface (some SlackBuilds offer the opportunity to tune or tweak
things by passing along FOO=bar, e.g.  before executing the
SlackBuild) and (2) the ability to have a $HOME/.sbopkg.conf which
will override variables set in the regular sbopkg.conf file.  Coupled
with this last point is when a user changes the Slackware version in
the dialog interface (i.e. selecting Slackware 12.1) that can now
optionally be saved to the $HOME/.sbopkg.conf so that it will be
picked up the next time sbopkg is run.

Chess Griffin
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