[Slackbuilds-users] ming [WAS: Updates - 20090105]

Robby Workman rw at rlworkman.net
Thu Jan 8 06:17:01 UTC 2009

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 19:20:00 +0100
Heinz Wiesinger <pprkut at liwjatan.at> wrote:

> > Well, I hope "didn't work" means "wouldn't build" - because I can't
> > actually attest to whether the resulting package actually works -- I
> > just figured since I was going to be updating the script anyway, I
> > might as well bump the version.  If it turns out to be broken, we'll
> > revert it.
> Yeah, it wouldn't build here (on 12.1). So if it builds now (I
> haven't tested it yet but I'm sure it does :) ) everything should be
> fine.

Okay, if it wouldn't build, then I suspect it was that bug I patched --
it wouldn't build here either, and it had me scratching my head for a
few minutes.  Turned out to be a lost \" in the Makefile.in, but my
eyes just wouldn't see it the first few times I looked for it :-)

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