[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.25.0 released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Sat Jan 17 03:02:51 UTC 2009

A new version 0.25.0 of sbopkg has been released.  This release
contains many important bug-fixes over 0.20.0, please some nifty new
features, mostly associated with the new build queue, that I think
folks will find helpful.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to
this release, including slakmagik, SpacePlod, and others.  I would
like to give a special shout-out to Mauro Giachero for his numerous
patches and suggestions.  Many of the improvements to the build queue
were due to Mauro's contributions.

The build queue, incidentally, has been working extremely well for
myself and for folks using SVN and the 0.25.0 release candidate, and
the feedback I received has helped to greatly improve the build queue
feature over the 0.20.0 release.  Thanks to everyone who tested and
provided that feedback.

As you can tell. this is another version jump due to the number of
fixes, enhancements, and new features.  Here are a few:

  * Fix issue where packages were sometimes incorrectly identified as
    already being in the build queue when they were not; thanks to
    SpacePlod for the bug report and thanks to Mauro Giachero for
    further bug reporting and providing a patch to fix it.
  * Add ability to pass build options/flavors/arguments to the
    SlackBuild when using the dialog interface.
  * Include ability to reverse or manually sort the items in the build
    queue; thanks to Mauro Giachero for the patches to implement these
  * Move all the queue functions into a separate 'Manage Queue'
    submenu off the main menu.
  * Allow user to save (and load) the build queue between sessions by
    specifing a file and location, so multiple saved queues can be
  * Automatically backup the current queue upon exiting and offer to
    reload upon first entering the queue submenu.
  * Provide a menu entry to clear the build queue.
  * Merge in several patches from Mauro Giachero to display the SVN
    version number; clean up use of cancel/back and ESC (ESC now takes
    you back a step in most dialogs); improve the cleanup process; and
    improve the new build flavors/options dialog.
  * Apply several patches from slakmagik for various little fixes,
    cleanups, and tweaks.
  * Create a new 'Utilities' submenu off the main menu and move some
    of the less-important items there in order to clean up the main
    menu.  It was getting a bit bulky.  :-)
  * Add ability to download a new sbopkg package when there is an
  * Include optional use of a ~/.sbopkg.conf, which will override
    settings in the system /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg.conf file.
  * When changing the Slackware version in the dialog interface, offer
    the user the opportunity to save this change in the new
    ~/.sbopkg.conf file.

Full ChangeLog.txt can be viewed here:


As always, please report any bugs to me via email, the sbopkg mailing
list, or, using the Issue tracker on the project's Google Code
website.  I can also be found in #sbopkg, #slackbuilds, and
##slackware on freenode.

A noarch package and source tarball for version 0.25.0 can be found at
the sbopkg project website:



Chess Griffin
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