[Slackbuilds-users] cpan2tgz 0.6.2 no good on Slackware 12.2

Thomas Morper thomditom at aktiivi.ath.cx
Sun Jan 18 23:08:46 UTC 2009

Hello there,

The SlackBuild in the 12.2 repository for cpan2tgz is still for version 0.6.2 
which itself builds fine, but the resulting program actually isn't able to 
build packages due to changes in the Slackware-supplied CPAN.pm.

This problem is fixed from 0.6.3 onwards, but I wonder if it's really worth 
updating the SBo script since cpan2tgz is a tool exclusively for Slackware 
and the author himself offers ready-to-be-installed "noarch" packages on his 

What do you think?


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