[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.26.0 released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Thu Jan 29 15:09:51 UTC 2009

A new version 0.26.0 of sbopkg has been released.  This release would
not have been possible without the help of Mauro Giachero and slakmagik.
For those who might have missed the announcement on the sbopkg mailing
list, Mauro has joined me as co-developer of sbopkg, and will be helping
me maintain and improve sbopkg.  Additionally, slakmagik has contributed
many excellent patches, as well as the very useful 'sspm' script
mentioned in the ChangeLog below.

The big news in this release is the entirely new update code written by
Mauro, which greatly reduces, if not eliminates, the problems and false
positives seen previously.  A lot of time was also spent on improving
the build queue and generally cleaning up the code.  Also, please be
aware that there is a new file, sbopkg-renames, as well as a new
sbopkg.conf configuration variable, LOGFILE, both of which are mentioned

Here are some of the highlights of the ChangeLog:

  * Add in new update code by Mauro Giachero.  This /greatly/ improves how the
    updates are handled and virtually eliminates the need for specific
    application quirks.  Please note there is a new file
    /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg-renames that handles a few name changes.  If you
    upgrade sbopkg with the new package, then this file will be automatically
    installed.  If not, you'll need to grab this file from the source tarball
    and move it there manually.  Many thanks to Mauro for the hard work in
    finally getting the update code done right.  :-)
  * Change how selecting/unselecting items in the build queue are handled.
    Now, when items are unselected, they remain in the queue but are turned
    "OFF" and when the queue is processed, only those packages turned "ON"
    will be built or installed.
  * Improve how packages are added to the queue.  The user is now prompted if
    they want to replace items already in the queue or skip them.  This may be
    helpful if a user has saved a queue with lots of dependencies that are
    then updated through the rsync process.  The updates can be added to the
    queue, replacing the old versions.
  * Add in a nice progress gauge when running the update list rather than the
    warning message.  Thanks to alkos333 for the idea and initial
    implementation, and thanks to Mauro Giachero for working on the CLI
  * Replace the 'Clear Queue' menu item with 'Delete Queue Items' which
    provides the user the ability to delete individual items in the queue or
    clear the entire build queue.
  * Add in ability to have a /local directory in the local SBo repository tree
    on a user's system that is in parallel with other SBo directories (i.e.
    /home/sbo/local).  As long as this directory is maintained in an SBo style
    (including user-defined categories), then sbopkg will pick them up and the
    user can change their SLACKVER to 'local' and build/install packages from
    there.  This might be useful in testing pre-submissions to SBo or for
    maintaining other software not in SBo.  This was inspired by a similar
    idea contributed by slakmagik.  Please see the sbopkg.conf(5) man page for
    more information.
  * Commit a patch from slakmagik that adds a new sbopkg.conf variable LOGFILE
    where the user can decide the name and location of the permanent build
    log, if used; thanks to slakmagik for the patch.
  * Fix issue where downloaded sources with spaces in their file names would
    cause an MD5SUM failure; thanks to alkos333 for the bug report, and thanks
    to Mauro Giachero for improving my initial bug fix implementation.
  * Commit several other patches from slakmagik that improve the handling of
    the search box upon search failures; tweak the precheck log a bit; improve
    the checking of root privilegs, and improve the handling of the
    directory-creation checks; thanks to slakmagik for these patches.
  * Add 'sspm' utility script by slakmagik which makes mirroring the sbopkg
    SVN repository and making a package from the local SVN mirror very easy;
    this script is located in the /tools directory in the sbopkg SVN
    repository; thanks to slakmagik for the script.
  * Fix issue where ARCH would sometimes not get picked up in info_item menu
    (notably for OpenOffice.org); thanks to artourter for the bug report, and
    thanks to Mauro for the fix.

A full ChangeLog.txt can be viewed here:


As always, please report any bugs to me via email, the sbopkg mailing
list, or, using the Issue Tracker on the projects Google Code website.
I can also be found in #sbopkg, #slackbuilds, and ##slackware on

A noarch package and source tarball for version 0.26.0 can be found at
the sbopkg project website:


Thanks again to Mauro and slakmagik and to everyone else who helped test
and send in bug reports.


Chess Griffin
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