[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090519

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Tue May 19 06:06:06 UTC 2009

The SlackBuilds.org admin team would like to welcome Chess Griffin 
and Heinz Wiesinger as our newest members. They have both been 
outstanding contributers. We look forward to working with them.
Now the not so fun stuff,
In trying to resolve some conflicts with Slackware's perl package,
we realized that many of the perl modules were included in Slackwares
perl package and have been removed for that reason. The only thing 
these modules clobbered were the man pages, the modules themselves 
were installed to a different location and did not overwrite the 
Slackware version. We recommend you remove any of these modules you 
may have installed.

Tue May 19 04:22:02 UTC 2009
desktop/dwm: Removed patches/config.patch and merged miscellaneous
  script cleanups.  Thanks to Tom Canich.  --chess
desktop/ffmpegthumbnailer: Updated for version 1.5.0.
  Thanks to Frank Caraballo. --pprkut
desktop/gtk-smooth-engine: Added - gtk-smooth-engine is intended to be
  a small, fast, and configurable GTK2 theme.
  Thanks to Joel J. Adamson.  --chess
desktop/google-gadgets-for-linux: Added - Google Gadgets for Linux provides
  a platform for running desktop gadgets. Thanks to jkwood.  --michiel
desktop/wmclock: Added - wmclock is an applet which displays the date and
  time in a dockable tile in the same style as the clock from the NEXTSTEP
  operating system.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --rworkman
desktop/wmdate: Added - wmDate is a date-display utility for WindowMaker.
  Thanks to Cezary M. Kruk.  --rworkman
desktop/wmdrawer: Added - wmdrawer is a dock application (dockapp) which
  provides a drawer (retractable button bar) to launch applications.
  Thanks to Cezary M. Kruk for the submission, and thanks to B. Watson for
  the valuable input on testing this.  --rworkman
desktop/wmmon: Added - WMMon monitors the your CPU, Disk I/O, Memory and Swap
  usage, and shows an average load for CPU and Disk I/O.
  Thanks to B. Watson.  --rworkman
desktop/xxkb: Added - xxkb is a keyboard layout switcher and indicator.
  Thanks to Cyril A. Sluchanko.  --rworkman
development/perl-extutils-cbuilder: Removed - as part of trying to resolve some
  conflicts with Slackware's perl package, we realized that this is already in 
  there.  --chess,dsomero,pprkut
development/perl-extutils-parsexs: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
development/perl-module-build: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
development/qt-creator: Added - qt-creator is a new cross-platform integrated
  development environment.  Thanks to Andre Barboza.  --dsomero
development/Scalar-List-Utils: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
games/nevernoid: Added - nevernoid is a clone of the game "Arkanoid" with
  extra powerups.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --rworkman
games/Scorched3D: Updated for version 42.1.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --chess,rworkman
libraries/Compress-Raw-Zlib: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
libraries/Compress-Zlib: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
libraries/IO-Compress-Base: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
libraries/IO-Compress-Zlib: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
libraries/IO-Zlib: Removed - same as perl-extutils-cbuilder
libraries/cracklib: Added - CrackLib is a library containing a C function
  which may be used in a "passwd"-like program.
  Thanks to Christopher Walker.  --rworkman
libraries/libdbi: Added - libdbi implements a database-independent
  abstraction layer in C similar to the DBI/DBD layer in Perl.
  Thanks to Michal Bialozor.  --rworkman
libraries/libdvi-drivers: Added - the libdbi-drivers project maintains
  drivers for the libdbi database abstraction layer.
  Thanks to Michal Bialozor.  --rworkman
libraries/libdockapp: Added - libDockApp is a library for developing
  Window Maker dockapps.  Thanks to Cezary M. Kruk.  --rworkman
libraries/libvirt: Added - libvirt is a toolkit to interact with the
  virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes).
  Thanks to Michal Bialozor.  --rworkman
libraries/python-spidermonkey: Added - this is a Python/JavaScript bridge
  module making use of Mozilla's spidermonkey.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
misc/flashrom: Added - Flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, verifying
  and erasing flash ROM chips.
  Thanks to Niklas "Nille" Åkerström. --pprkut
multimedia/transcode: Updated for version 1.1.2.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
network/arora: Added - Arora is a simple cross platform web browser.
  Thanks to David Somero.  --pprkut
network/js: Tweaked the README to add "js" in there somewhere for easier
  searching by sbopkg.  Thanks to David Woodfall.  --rworkman
network/museek+: Updated for version 0.2 and renamed from "museek-plus" since
  our site backend can handle the "+" characters now.
  Thanks to Iskar Enev.  --rworkman
network/museek-plus: Removed (renamed to museek+).  --rworkman
network/qwit: Added - Qwit is a free cross-platform Qt4-based Twitter client
  Thanks to Larry Hajali  --pprkut
network/tucan: Added - tucan manager is designed for automatic management of 
  downloads and uploads at hosting sites like rapidshare or megaupload.
  Thanks to Nai.  --rworkman
office/adobe-reader: Updated to version 9.1.1, which is a security fix. See
  http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb09-06.html for more
  information.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
system/acpitool: Updated with a patch to fix compile errors on -current.
  The patch isn't needed on 12.2, but it won't hurt anything either.
  Thanks to grissiom for the report.  --rworkman
system/atari++: Added - atari++ a Unix based emulator of the Atari eight bit
  computers.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
system/atari800: Added - atari800 an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200
  emulator.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
system/atari800_os++: Added - atari800_os++ an Open Source rewrite of the ROM
  operating system for the Atari XL/XE 8-bit computers.
  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
system/atari800_roms: Added - atari800_roms is the operating system and
  BASIC language ROM images from the Atari 800 and 800XL computers.
  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
system/atarisio: Added - atarisio is a disk emulator for use with Atari 8-bit
  computer and SIO2PC.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
system/hddtemp: Added - hddtemp is a small and daemonizable utility designed
  to read the S.M.A.R.T. information from the given hard disk and report the
  temperature of the disk. Thanks to Zordrak --pprkut
system/smem: Added - smem is a tool that can give numerous
  reports on memory usage on Linux systems.
  Thanks to Dusan Stefanovic.  --pprkut
system/qemu: Updated to version 0.10.4.
  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers. --pprkut

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