[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.31.0 Released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Sun Nov 1 03:27:23 UTC 2009

On behalf of the sbopkg team, I would like to announce a new version
0.31.0 has been released.  Thanks to those sbopkg users who sent us
feedback, posted to the ML, and filed bug reports, we were able to quash
several issues that needed quashing.  :-)

I'd also like to note that the 0.30.1 release has been, by all accounts,
our most successful and popular release to date.  Thanks to everyone for
your support.

Now, on to the new bits.  Here is the unedited ChangeLog:

  * Fix typo in 50-default renames file.
  * Fix the "Uncheck installed" feature. The code apparently worked fine even
    without the fix. Spotted by slakmagik.
  * Add $ARCH information in dialog backtitles.
  * Add ":force" to sbopkg.conf WGETFLAGS --progress=bar to correctly
    display the wget progress bar; thanks to happyslacker for nudging me on
    this issue again.
  * Fix an issue with the build options dialog menu where selecting 'None'
    would not work; thanks to happyslacker for the bug report.
  * Add the ability to uninstall SBo packages from the dialog interface that
    lists installed packages. Thanks to pokipoki08 for the suggestion.
  * Fix an incompatibility regarding the way bash 3.1, 3.2, and 4.0 handle the
    RHS of [[ commands using the =~ operator which broke the repo file
    validation, among other things. Thanks to SiegeX, Zmyrgel, and BCarey for
    the reports and suggestions.
  * Add the ability to run multiple sbopkg instances simultaneously. This has
    been suggested many times in the past. Users should read the sbopkg.conf
    man page before using this option (which is disabled by default).
  * Be more strict validating YES/NO configuration variables.
  * Add a KNOWN_ISSUES file - if you encounter a bug, check this file before
    reporting it to see if it's known and if there's a workaround.
  * Modify sspm to be root-only and change the default checkout location. In
    case it isn't obvious, this means the checkout will be root-owned if it
    isn't already.
  * Fix cosmetic bug where ARCH and BUILD were not displaying correctly in
    list of updates on x86_64.
  * Add a dialog and cli option to show all READMEs for the queued packages.
    This can come handy to do "final checks" on the active queue before
    starting the build process.
  * Reworked the options selection menu to avoid seeing only a truncated set
    of the actual options; thanks to Erik Hanson for the bug report.
  * Work around build issues caused by custom LC_COLLATE values.
  * Add tint=tint2 to /etc/sbopkg/renames.d/50-default file.
  * Prevent an infinite download loop by modifying get_source() and
    check_source(); make sure that we do try to guess about the file name in a
    DOWNLOAD/filename mismatch but only when we absolutely have to, by
    modifying get_source_names(). Thanks to godling for noticing the problem.
  * The 'check for updates' function now always lists apparent downgrades,
    since it sometimes can mistakenly classify an upgrade as a downgrade
    (e.g. version 1.0.1 looks older than 1.0-rc2 to sbopkg). The apparent
    downgrades are added to the queue but are disabled by default.

There is a new sbopkg.conf configuration variable, ALLOW_MULTI, that
will need to be manually merged in or added if you are not going to use
the included sbopkg.conf.new.  Also, because the question of how to set
$ARCH in sbopkg seems to crop up fairly regularly there is now some
information about $ARCH in sbopkg.conf(5) that provides more detail
about this setting.

As always, a new package and source tarball are available for direct
download from the sbopkg project website:  http://www.sbopkg.org.

Please report any bugs or issues to the sbopkg mailing list or at the
Issue Tracker on the sbopkg Google Code page.  Information about both of
these resources can be found at the sbopkg website.

Thanks to Mauro Giachero and slakmagik for their continued valuable
assistance in developing this software.


Chess Griffin
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