[Slackbuilds-users] Updates- 20091112

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Nov 12 04:42:07 UTC 2009

Thu Nov 12 04:41:10 UTC 2009
libraries/libg15: Added - The libg15 library gives applications low-level 
  access to the G15 and G11 keyboards and the Z10 speakers.
  Thanks to Alan Alberghini.  --rworkman
libraries/libg15render: Added - This is a library to render text and shapes 
  into a buffer usable by the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard.
  Thanks to Alan Alberghini.  --rworkman
misc/g15composer: Added - G15Composer is a scriptable command interface to 
  the libg15render drawing functions.  Thanks to Alan Alberghini.  --rworkman
misc/g15daemon: Added - the G15daemon is a userspace driver/multiplexer for 
  the G15 keyboard and its LCD.  Thanks to Alan Alberghini.  --rworkman
misc/g15stats: Added - G15Stats is a CPU / Memory / Swap / Network / Battery /
  Temperature / Fan Speed / CPU Frequencies usage meter for G15Daemon.
  Thanks to Alan Alberghini.  --rworkman
network/msmtp: Updated for version 1.4.19.  Thanks to Grigorios Bouzakis.
network/squid: Updated for version 3.0.STABLE20.  Thanks to dsomero.  -RW
office/texlive: Added - TeXLive is a tetex replacment.
  Note that this package is intended to completely replace the tetex packages
  in Slackware. You will need to remove tetex and tetex-doc before installing
  TeXLive.  If you want to build this on -current, you'll need to change the
  --with-system-xpdf to --without-system-xpdf due to the API change in xpdf
  and the poppler library.  Thanks to Robby Workman, who wishes to also thank
  Grissiom for LOTS of help getting this done correctly.  --dsomero

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