[Slackbuilds-users] Kqemu slackbuild problems compiling?

Ozan Türkyılmaz ozan.turkyilmaz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 10:15:39 UTC 2009

2009/11/15 David Woodfall <dave at unrealize.co.uk>:
> Hi all
> I had an email today from a guy from slacky.it saying that my kqemu
> slackbuild doesn't compile and needs a small patch which he attached.
> I haven't had any problems compiling on 13.3 with kernel and
> gcc 4.3.3
> So this is a wide call for info on whether or not anyone has problems
> compiling it (using + stock gcc).
> Any info greatly appreciated. I don't want to add a patch if it works
> fine on stock setup.
well it compiled fine on multi lib  Slackware 64 13.


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