[Slackbuilds-users] Error When Installing Alphacube-GTK

slakmagik slakmagik at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 22:52:16 UTC 2009

On 2009-11-30 (Mon) 15:09:46 [-0600], alkos333 wrote:
> I'm installing using the dialog interface and this is the error I'm
> running into:
> Alphacube-GTK:
> readlink: extra operand `GTK'
> Try `readlink --help' for more information.
> Alphacube-GTK:
> Would you like to continue processing the rest of the
> build queue or would you like to abort?  If this failed
> package is a dependency of another package in the queue
> then it may not make sense to continue.
> Press (Y)es to continue, (N)o to abort, (R)etry to try
> to build the package again.

This should have been reported to the sbopkg list or site, as it's a
problem with junk I added to sbopkg (before 0.30.1 to deal with other
problems) which causes it to not handle SRCNAME's with spaces "properly"
(though I think the impropriety is spaces in the filenames in the first
place, but what can ya do). Anyway - try quoting 'SRCNAME' in l.2633
(assuming you're using 0.30.1). I'll look into making sure it's the
right general fix later but it seems to address this particular issue.

And, yeah - whenever you hit a snag with sbopkg, always assume it's a
problem with sbopkg or try it outside of sbopkg to see where the problem
really lies.

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