[Slackbuilds-users] How far should doinst.sh go?

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Fri Oct 16 12:11:44 UTC 2009

On Oct 16, 2009, at  9:03 AM, Niels Horn wrote:

> Should the doinst.sh just do the basic, like updating the menu, check
> /etc/(program) config files etc.?


> Or, should it also:
> - set up a MySQL database if the software needs it


> - create needed users & groups


> - change crontab


> - etc...
> (almost like a Windows installer ;) )

Most certainly not. :)

> What is the correct way: just install the basic elements and let the
> user do the rest of the setting up, or do as much as possible?

Let the user do it, you can put some post-install instructions into a
README.SLACKWARE file, there are numerous examples in the repo.

Erik Hanson
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