[Slackbuilds-users] Urban Terror

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 20:20:26 UTC 2010

Some comments:
1. The direct link is http://www.urbanterror.info/ as the one on SBo
(http://www.urbanterror.net) does not always redirect.

2. Rather than edit $HOME/.q3a/q3ut4/q3config.cfg, which will be
overwritten during update or possible reconfiguration of via the
UrbanTerror console, add

seta cl_cURLLib "libcurl.so"

to $HOME/.q3a/q3ut4/autoexec.cfg.

3. We should add 'libcurl.so" and not libcurl.so.4.  That way if/when
libcurl is updated, we still point correctly.

4.  Also, I am on Slackware64 13.1 (clean install, multilib,
urbanterror.Slackbuild set for x86_64) and I needed to correct
'libcurl.so' since the installation was looking for 'libcurl.so.3' in
q3config.cfg.  I had no previous installation of UrbanTerror.


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