[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20100816.1

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Aug 16 02:11:08 UTC 2010

Mon Aug 16 01:56:24 UTC 2010
academic/arpack: Added (library for solving eigenvalue problems)
academic/qrupdate: Added (QR and Cholesky decompositions library)
audio/discord: Added (generate binaural beat for brain waves)
audio/easytag: --disable-mp4 due to a bug.
desktop/bashrun: Updated for version 0.16.
desktop/cwp: Updated for version 1.2.0.
desktop/skulpture: Added (A KDE4 style)
development/Sphinx: Added (Documentation generator)
development/cxxtools: Added (reusable c++-components)
development/django: Updated for version 1.2.1.
development/kiwi: Updated for version 1.9.26.
development/mono-addins: Added (a framework for creating extensible applications)
development/mono-debugger: Added (Mono-specific debuggers)
development/monodevelop-database: Added (Database support for MonoDevelop)
development/monodevelop-debugger-gdb: Added (GDB Debugger support for MonoDevelop)
development/monodevelop-debugger-mdb: Added (Mono Debugger support for MonoDevelop)
development/monodevelop: Added (IDE for Mono and Gtk#)
development/orc: Updated for version 0.4.6.
development/parrot: Corrected name of SlackBuild file.
development/psycopg2: Updated for version 2.2.2.
games/pasang-emas: Updated for version 3.0.0.
games/pcsxr: Updated for version 1.9.91.
libraries/FormEncode: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/Jinja2: Added (Template engine for Python)
libraries/decorator: Updated for version 3.2.0.
libraries/gnome-sharp: Added (.NET binding for GNOME libraries)
libraries/hdf5: Updated for version 1.8.5.
libraries/lapack: Corrected download link.
libraries/libass: Updated for version 0.9.11.
libraries/libfwbuilder: Updated for version 4.0.2.
libraries/libkate: Updated for version 0.3.8.
libraries/libmemcached: Updated for version 0.43.
libraries/libvpx: Noted yasm dependency.
libraries/perl-BerkeleyDB: Updated for version 0.43.
libraries/perl-HTTP-Proxy: Fixed VERSION in .info file
libraries/python-elementtree: Added (Python library wrapper for XML)
libraries/subvertpy: Updated for version
multimedia/cinelerra: Added (GNU/Linux Video/Audio Studio)
multimedia/miro: Updated for version 3.0.3.
multimedia/realplayer: Added (RealNetworks' RealPlayer application)
network/avahi: Updated for version 0.6.27.
network/canto: Added (An ncurses RSS aggregator)
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.3.4.
network/fldigi: Updated for version 3.20.23.
network/fwbuilder: Updated for version 4.0.2.
network/gmapcatcher: Added (An offline map viewer)
network/googlecl: Updated for version 0.9.9.
network/kvirc: Updated for version 4.0.2.
network/netcat-openbsd: Added (OpenBSD rewrite of netcat)
network/perl-NetAddr-IP: Updated for version 4.030.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 3.3.5.
network/tntnet: Added (web application server)
office/python-gcalcli: Added (cli google calander application)
office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.
system/autojump: Added (a cd command that learns)
system/os-prober: Updated for version 1.39.
system/rfkill: Added (tools to query rfkill interface)
system/terminus-font: Fixed homepage and download link

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