[Slackbuilds-users] Web stats?

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 21:38:24 UTC 2010

A thought... Have been looking at some of the builds I submitted for
13.0 that didn't make it into the 13.1 repo (mostly because they need
to be patched for 13.1's newer gcc). Going through them, patching, will
eventually be resubmitting them, but I can't help but wonder whether some
of the more niche-market ones are even being used (example: games/oblige,
a Doom level generator. Does anyone besides me even play Doom any more?)

I wish there were a way for maintainers to know whether anyone's even
using a build. Maybe a "number of times downloaded" stat on the site
would be a nice thing to have?

I can think of a few problems with that of course:

- It would require someone to actually code it up, and be one more
  part of the site adding to admins' burden

- A lot of users rsync the whole tree, and when they want to build something,
  just untar their copy of whatever.tar.gz from their local tree.

- "Number of times downloaded" doesn't really tell us whether the downloaders
  are still using the package (they might have tried it, decided it's awful,
  removed it within 5 minutes).

The only other idea I have that might help with this, is a "vote for this
build" button on the site... but again, people using rsync wouldn't be
likely to use it (and even people using the site, would have to make
time to return to the site after using the built package a while, in
order to vote).

Is possible that I've just wasted everyone's time who reads this... but
maybe there's some idea someone has that would work?

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