[Slackbuilds-users] experimenting with git

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at sns.it
Sun Feb 7 11:01:18 UTC 2010

Il 06/02/2010 22:03, Ozan Türkyılmaz ha scritto:
> 06.02.2010 22:57, Robby Workman yazmış:
>> On Sun, 31 Jan 2010 12:17:59 +0100
>> Matteo Bernardini<matteo.bernardini at sns.it>  wrote:
>> If you wanted the diffs to be more usable (and I'm not saying
>> that you *should* - this is just an *if*), then you'd want to
>> structure the commits such that each commit only touched one
>> application.  As an example:
>>    Bring<appname>  up to snuff for -current
>>      * fixup includes
>>      * fixup build for gcc4
>> Is it a lot more work to do that?  Probably.  Is it worth it
>> for just your use?  Probably not.  Would *I* do it anyway?
>> Yes.  The rest is up to you.  :-)
> i use this method in my repos; per commit per file or per commit per 
> feature. it makes revent easy and sending diffs or doing cherry-pick 
> much easier and less problematic.
> fixup for bug #no
> foo_bar() is here
> and such pay is nice, too.
I thought I was doing it already, besides an initial accomodation with 
git :D

yes, maybe it's better if I start from scratch, then (let's see if I 
understand what you mean):
(remote is github in the example)

- initialize git repo
- git tag -a 20100207 -m "SBo at 20100207"
- git push github
- git push github --tags

- git checkout 20100207
- git checkout -b myapp
- modify files in 13.0/*/myapp folder
- remove 13.0/*/myapp.tar.gz and 13.0/*/myapp.tar.gz.asc (sbopkg 
decompresses these)
- create from 13.0/*/myapp folder 13.0/*/myapp.tgz
- git commit -a -m "updated app"
- git push github myapp
- git checkout master
- git merge myapp
- git push github

and again from (2) for every myapp.

any thought on improving above for easyness of use is warmly welcomed :)

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