[Slackbuilds-users] pdksh weirdness, very strange bug

LEVAI Daniel leva at ecentrum.hu
Wed Feb 24 18:14:47 UTC 2010


I'm the maintainer of the pdksh slackbuild, and I've got buffled with one
strange bug.
Compiling the vanilla pdksh-5.2.14 package[1], this is the behavior:
If a file's size is exactly 2GiB or more, pdksh fails to complete its name
during filename completion (eg.: hitting TAB or CTRL+e or whatever).
If the file's size is just one byte short of the 2 gigs, then the completion
works fine.
Quick way to test it:
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=./2GiB bs=1024 count=2097152
$ ls -la 2G<TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB> ... => nothing

I've tried it on many machines which run Debian(testing), Slackware(-current)
Linux, and got the same behavior.
If anyone could shed some light on this, or has any idea/tip, I would greatly
appreciate it. I'm scratching my head about this for days now, and so far I
just long shots in the dark, with no luck.
Thanks in advance if you test this or have *any* suggestions.

(the patches included in the slackbuild don't help either, and I wanted to
come clean with the "official" version first.)


[1] - http://www.cs.mun.ca/~michael/pdksh/files/pdksh-5.2.14.tar.gz
LÉVAI Dániel
PGP key ID = 0x4AC0A4B1
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