[Slackbuilds-users] games/prboom (For -current users, gcc-4.4.2)

Manuel Mantilla mannynix at megared.net.mx
Sun Jan 17 03:49:09 UTC 2010

-current is not officially supported by the SlackBuilds.org project.
Ignore this email if you're not running -current or prboom.

Just a heads-up for those running prboom on -current:

 From ChangeLog:
Mon Jan 4 21:43:02 UTC 2010
d/gcc-4.4.2-i486-1.txz: Moved from /testing.

prboom compiles with gcc-4.4.2 but game exits with signal 8.
A few moments after the splash screen:
I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: signal 8
I_ShutdownMusic: removing /tmp/prboom-music-UCKdxC

Fix: Just add
--disable-i386-asm \
To the ./configure options.

Aparently some of the assembler in prboom is not liked by gcc-4.4.2
No idea about x86_64. Feedback welcome, Cheers.


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