[Slackbuilds-users] fbreader.SlackBuild uses /usr/lib in x86_64

Audrius Kažukauskas audrius at neutrino.lt
Sun Jan 17 11:41:00 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-01-14 at 20:14:18 +0200, George Vlahavas wrote:
> Hi,
> the current fbreader.SlackBuild on slackbuilds.org puts libraries in
> /usr/lib, even when compiled under x86_64. The fix (provided by rworkman) is
> apparently to change the make and make install lines to:
> make LIBDIR=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}
> make install LIBDIR=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX} DESTDIR=$PKG
> Best regards,
> George
> PS: I'm CCing the SBo mail list, but I'm not registered.

Sorry for late reply and thanks for report.  I'm not using fbreader
anymore, so feel free to take over its maintenance (together with its
dependency liblinebreak).

Audrius Kažukauskas
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