[Slackbuilds-users] LiVES 1.1.8

klaatu klaatu at hackerpublicradio.org
Sat Jan 23 02:07:06 UTC 2010

I just submitted an update to my LiVES slackbuild, and it is great and 
all.....except that I left in two lines:

echo $ARCH && echo $CFLAGS

....which were obviously inserted in there by me during testing the 
slackbuild, and then promptly forgotten.

I tried to re-upload the corrected version but of course the submission form 
balked at me.

So, if who ever is going to review the script sees this -- yes, the lines are 
still in there and ... no they're not supposed to be there!

Sorry.  For convenience sake, the correct version is attached..

-- klaatu

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