[Slackbuilds-users] xmobar, p4

R. Andrew Bailey bailey at akamai.com
Wed Jun 2 23:31:15 UTC 2010

Hi All,

  I discussed this with vbatts a little today, and we agreed it was
  probably best to just send this to the list and see if it sticks to
  the wall.

  I have a clone/branch/fork whatever of the canonical sbo repository,
  and have merged a pair of my own branches into it. One is a new
  package "p4", which is almost absurd to package since its a single
  binary and a manpage. The other is an update to xmobar, which I think
  is abandoned.

  Both commits are at:


  xmobar 0.11.1: e83d5d1cdac63185666a
  p4 r0.9.2:     419ff27d9116a48dc1ca

  I'm not sure when making a pull request whether I ought to be sending
  the commit for the merge or the commit on the branch I submitted the
  file additions to. Maybe one of the admins on the list can confirm
  whether this is workable?



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