[Slackbuilds-users] Problems building packages that use OpenGL when having NVIDIA driver installed

Niels Horn niels.horn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 15:49:17 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 12:36 PM, Didier Spaier <didier.spaier at epsm.fr> wrote:
> On 05/06/2010 16:01, Niels Horn wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I started building some packages on a new box lately, that has some
>> more processing power.
>> The problem I noticed that happens only on this box, is that packages
>> that use OpenGL functions (from the libGL library), crash while
>> building, with the following error (sometimes the error is a bit
>> hidden in a config.log):
>> "undefined reference to `_nv000008gl'"
>> A little Googling shows that this is a problem in the NVIDIA driver,
>> which I have installed in that particular box.
>> I have found two workarounds until now:
>> 1) Build on another box, without the NVIDIA card
>> 2) Switch back to the xorg drivers temporarily using "nvidia-switch
>> --xorg", build the package, switch back to NVIDIA using "nvidia-switch
>> --nvidia" (note: this of course only works if you installed the NVIDIA
>> drivers using the SlackBuild script, not directly with the binary
>> blob).
>> Both solutions will build a package that will work without problems on
>> the box with the NVIDIA card or any other graphics card.
> I can help much, as I use nouveau instead of the blob.
> In the mean time I noticed on this page:
> http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/TroubleShooting
> that the proprietary nVidia driver overrides libGL.so, shipped with the mesa
> package in Slackware64-13.1
> May be be it could help to tell with which Slackware and nVidia driver
> versions this problem occur.


Thanks for replying.
I know about the libGL replacement, that is why I use the
'nvidia-switch' script supplied with the nvidia SlackBuild. It
basically switches back and forth between the nvidia and xorg libGL
versions (and some other libs).

I am hopeful about the nouveau driver, but I'll wait for it to become
officially "stable" before putting it on a production machine.


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