[Slackbuilds-users] Packaging Python/MATLAB bindings with library

Chris Abela chris.abela at maltats.com
Tue Jun 8 14:34:24 UTC 2010

Is'nt MATLAB proprietary software? As far as I know it is neither free
(gratis) nor free (libero). --Excuse my Italian.

I have nothing against MATLAB, but Octave is the Open Source alternative to
MATLAB, and OCTAVE is heavily supported here.

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Hello all,

I'm writing a SlackBuild to package a library called flann right now.
The package comes with bindings for Python and MATLAB, and I first
thought it would be a good idea to build them all with the same
script. Then, when I started doing it, it looked like a not so good
idea... it will need some hacks to get it done, but will work on the
end of the day. I added some "flags" to the script so it can build
only what is needed.

Do you think separate packages for the binary library and each of the
bindings is a good way to go? Is it better to package everything in
one single package?

João Felipe Santos
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