[Slackbuilds-users] MySQL Workbench SlacBuild Script

Hoang HUA hoang at dirox.net
Fri Jun 11 18:32:35 UTC 2010

Hi Ozan,

Tried to rebuild with mysql-workbench-oss.SlackBuild modified to remove the
line "--disable-debug", also I've checked "make install" is used, not "make
install-strip". Waiting for a long time and finally the package built;
however, gdb doesn't give any more information (probably, my gdb is not
properly configured - it used to warn "no module named backtrace", so i've
tried to rebuild a new one). But this time, I noticed that there is a some
debug infos output by running mysql-workbench script which is a wrapper with
"catchsegv". The log could be seen in the attached file. Any light
you could see on that?


Hoang HUA
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