[Slackbuilds-users] Fix to abntex patch

João Felipe Santos joao.eel at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 14:35:22 UTC 2010


I know it looks strange, but the patch for abntex SlackBuilds needs a
patch. I believe it was tested under 13.1 without installing LyX
before (since there was no 13.1 build for 13.1). That way, an issue
was undetected.

The Makefile for abntex searches for a LyX directory so it can install
a layout file, and this part of the patch has a "recursive variable
reference". I do not know if for the 13.0 version of make this was not
an issue, but now you have to use a "simply-expanded variable" for it
to work, that is, set it using ':=' instead of '='.

I'm sending the corrected Makefile.diff attached, since it would be
strange to patch a patch and then patch the actual file :)

-- João Felipe Santos
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