[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20100617.1

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Thu Jun 17 20:16:41 UTC 2010

Thu Jun 17 20:06:27 UTC 2010
development/amaya: Added (W3 Web Editor)
development/glade3: Added (GTK+2 ui development helper)
development/mysqlcc: Patched build on recent gcc
development/tig: Updated for version 0.16.
graphics/comix: Added (image viewer aimed at comics)
graphics/fbida: Added (image viewer)
graphics/zgv: Added (svgalib image viewer)
libraries/gtk-sharp: Added (GUI toolkit for mono)
libraries/log4net: Added (log tool for mono)
libraries/nini: Added (.NET configuration library)
libraries/smartirc4net: Added (C# IRC library)
libraries/xforms: Updated for version 1.0.93sp1.
misc/merkaartor: Updated for version 0.16.1.
misc/projectM: Added (Music visualization program)
network/freeradius-server: Added (Radius protocol server)
network/iscsitarget: Added (FOSS iSCSI target)
network/knemo: Update the hicolor icon cache in doinst.sh
network/pino: Added (Twitter and Identi.ca client)
network/smuxi: Added (an IRC client written C#)
office/lyx: Added (WYSIWYM document processor)
office/openoffice.org: Silence a harmless warning
system/ksh: Updated with newer cvs snapshot.
system/nut: Added (Network UPS Tools)

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