[Slackbuilds-users] Missing dependencies

Marco Bonetti sid77 at slackware.it
Mon Jun 28 13:31:34 UTC 2010

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Mauro Giachero wrote:
> Hello folks,
> looks like some of the packages available in the 13.1 repository miss some
> required (as per their READMEs) dependencies:
>   allmydata-tahoe
>     requires Nevow
Hi Mauro, thanks for spotting the missing bits!
allmydata-tahoe is one of my packages: right now I'm still on 13.0 and
I've planned an upgrade to 13.1 this w-e, unfortunately it doesn't mean
I'll be working on my SBo stuff soon: between other projects and real
life events I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'll promise allmydata-tahoe and
Nevow will be my first packages to be updated, though.
As a side note: if allmydata-tahoe run as is on 13.1, I'd be not too
surprised about it running fine without Nevow. While packaging, it
looked to me a bit too wide and open with dependencies :-/
Anyway, thanks again for your work!

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