[Slackbuilds-users] davfs2: doinst.sh for slackware

Chris Abela chris.abela at maltats.com
Thu Mar 4 12:50:46 UTC 2010

Dear Helmut,

Yes the present davfs.SlackBuild will not work if the
/tmp/SBo/package-davfs2 is removed or not found. I have rectified that fault
and submitted a new version to the SBo Admins (in c.c.) some days ago. Today
I can see it in the approved list. In the mean time, you may use the

As for your doinst.sh, I have to disappoint you unless the SBo Admins agrees
to your suggestion. In my opinion, the secret to the SBo success lies in
sticking to what is strictly necessary to build a package. The Slackware
community tends to be draconian about simplicity. Any ad-hoc interventions
can create new bugs and issues that are difficult to manage. Nevertheless,
if you wish to take over the maintenance you are welcome, as I think that it
is healthy to distribute the load.

The MINI_HOWTO are only my personal notes and does not form part of the
package as it is not in the upstream source, but if you take over
maintenance, then you can decide yourself. 

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Hallo, chris.abela,

perhaps you may update the "doinst.sh" of the slackware SBo package:

--------------- start ------------------

config() ...

config etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf.new
config etc/davfs2/secrets.new

# Gruppe und User anlegen
getent group davfs2 || {
    while getent group $Gruppe
	    let Gruppe++
    groupadd -g $Gruppe davfs2


getent passwd davfs2 || {
    while getent passwd $User
	    let User++
    mkdir -p var/cache/davfs2
    useradd -u $User -d /var/cache/davfs2 -g davfs2 -s /bin/false -c
'davfs2, WebDAV-Filesystem' davfs2
    chown davfs2:davfs2 var/cache/davfs2

# ( cd sbin ; rm -rf mount.davfs )
# ( cd sbin ; ln -sf /tmp/SBo/package-davfs2/usr/sbin/mount.davfs
mount.davfs )
# ( cd sbin ; rm -rf umount.davfs )
# ( cd sbin ; ln -sf /tmp/SBo/package-davfs2/usr/sbin/umount.davfs
umount.davfs )

-------------------- stop ---------------------------------

Producing group and user may work if davfs2 is installed on a running  
slackware installation, it doesn't work if slackware is installed from  
The last 4 lines are wrong - and they seem to be unnecessary.

It may be a very good idea to copy the "MINI_HOWTO" to "/usr/doc/davfs2- 
1.4.5 too.

Viele Gruesse!
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