[Slackbuilds-users] new pdksh package and slackbuild

LEVAI Daniel daniell at ecentrum.hu
Tue Mar 30 12:34:29 UTC 2010


I'm currently maintaining the pdksh slackbuild. This is based strictly
on the vanilla pdksh-5.2.14, and contains some additional patches (from
Debian and OpenBSD).
I have a new port, which ports OpenBSD's improved, advanced and audited
pdksh version to Linux. It also is based on pdksh-5.2.14, but has a lot of
useful and new features and it is more compliant to POSIX. Also it is
actively maintained which I can not say in regards to the original pdksh.
I'm willing to post and maintain the Linux port of it (to the best of my
abilities), if there is a will to include it in SBo.
The two versions' (OBSD and original) rc/profile files are totally
compatible, so existing users won't notice anything, except that they'll
have new features, and that many bugs had been fixed.
My question is that is there a demand for this improved pdksh among the
existing pdksh users, and is it acceptable that I discontinue the
current pdksh slackbuild (based on the original pdksh), and start to
work on the OBSD's version of pdksh?

Thanks for any comments.


LÉVAI Dániel
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