[Slackbuilds-users] liferea

mc collilieux mccnews at free.fr
Wed Sep 1 23:11:34 UTC 2010

Hello, I have tried to build liferea 1.4.28 with difficulty.
First it is not writed in README it needs gtkhtml (by default) or 
xulrunner or webkit.
Gtkhtml in slackbuild is 3.18, liferea complains it does not see gtkhtml2.

I have tried with webkit, it works but then why not use the last version 
1.6.4 wich use only webkit (with no more choice) ?

Liferea 1.6.4 works well also, before it convert v1.4 cache to v1.6 cache.
I have just removed lines

   --enable-gtkhtml2=$GTKHTML \
   --enable-webkit=$WEBKIT \
   --enable-gecko=$XULRUNNER \
in slackbuild and change version number of course !


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