[Slackbuilds-users] liferea

mc collilieux mccnews at free.fr
Fri Sep 3 14:17:02 UTC 2010

Le 02/09/2010 04:31, Erik Hanson a écrit :
> On Thu, 02 Sep 2010 01:11:34 +0200
> mc collilieux<mccnews at free.fr>  wrote:
>> Hello, I have tried to build liferea 1.4.28 with difficulty.
>> First it is not writed in README it needs gtkhtml (by default) or
>> xulrunner or webkit.
>> Gtkhtml in slackbuild is 3.18, liferea complains it does not see
>> gtkhtml2.
>> I have tried with webkit, it works but then why not use the last
>> version 1.6.4 wich use only webkit (with no more choice) ?
> I haven't done this because I was having issues with 1.6.x, mainly it
> seemed very slow to start and slow switching feeds. Maybe I needed to
> clear my ~/.liferea* out or use webkitgtk instead of webkit, who knows.
> If I have some free time I may try to get a webkitgtk script submitted
> (unless someone else wants to) and have another look at 1.6.
It seems also a little slow not to start but switching feeds for me, but 
I have had problems with my ISP box and put the slowing on adsl line.
The problem with 1.6.4 is the elements tiny font-size.


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