[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20110110

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Jan 10 21:40:13 UTC 2011

Mon Jan 10 21:05:30 UTC 2011
audio/bristol: Added (Synthesiser Emulations on Linux)
audio/clam: Added (C++ Library for Audio and Music)
audio/clam_annotator: Added (Music annotation tool)
audio/clam_voice2midi: Added (convert singing/humming to MIDI)
audio/gqradio: Added (a radio tuner application)
audio/lmms: Added (Linux MultiMedia Studio)
audio/qtractor: Added (Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer)
audio/rebmp: Added (music player)
desktop/cwp: Updated for version 1.3.3.
desktop/xmonad: Updated for version 0.9.2.
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 1.0.6.
development/alex: Updated for version 2.3.5.
development/gforth: Added (GNU Forth interpreter)
development/ghc: Updated for version 7.0.1.
development/happy: Updated for version 1.18.6.
development/memchan: Added (Tcl in-memory channel extension library)
development/poedit: Updated for version
development/snack: Added (sound extensions for TCL)
development/tcludp: Added (UDP support for Tcl)
development/tclvfs: Added (virtial filesystem extension for Tcl)
development/tkdnd: Added (Tk Drag and Drop Interface)
development/tklib: Added (utility modules for TCL/Tk)
development/trf: Added (transformer extension library for Tcl)
development/zile: Updated for version 2.3.21.
development/zope.testing: Updated for version 3.10.2.
games/adom: Added (a rogue-like game)
games/chromium-bsu: Updated for version
games/mame: Updated for version 0.141.
games/mupen64plus: Fixed to build with new gtk/glib.
games/pokerth: Updated for version 0.8.2.
games/qmc2: Updated for version 0.2.b18.
graphics/pho: Added (photo viewer)
libraries/SQLObject: Updated for version 0.15.0.
libraries/c-ares: Updated for version 1.7.4.
libraries/decorator: Updated for version 3.3.0.
libraries/haskell-HTTP: Updated for version 4000.1.1.
libraries/haskell-HUnit: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-MonadCatchIO-mtl: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-QuickCheck: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-X11: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-binary: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-cgi: Updated for version 3001.1.8.2.
libraries/haskell-deepseq: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-digest: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-editline: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-fgl: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-haskeline: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-haskell-src: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-html: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-mtl: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-network: Updated for version 2.3.
libraries/haskell-packedstring: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-parallel: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-parsec: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-regex-base: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-regex-compat: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-regex-posix: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-stm: Updated for version
libraries/haskell-syb: Added (scrap your boilerplate)
libraries/haskell-terminfo: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-transformers: Added (functor & monad transformers)
libraries/haskell-utf8-string: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-xhtml: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-zip-archive: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/haskell-zlib: Miscellaneous cleanup.
libraries/libebml: Updated maintainer info.
libraries/libgsasl: Updated for version 1.6.0.
libraries/libmatroska: Updated maintainer info.
libraries/libquicktime: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/libssh: Updated for version 0.4.7.
libraries/libunicap: Updated for version 0.9.12.
libraries/libvdpau: Updated for version 0.4.1.
libraries/mowitz: Added ('More Widgets' library)
libraries/nextaw: Added (Athena (libXaw) replacement library)
libraries/rubygem-gettext: Added (gettext for ruby)
libraries/rubygem-highline: Added (ruby console input library)
libraries/rubygem-locale: Added (localisation API for Ruby)
libraries/rubygem-lockfile: Added (Ruby lockfiles)
libraries/rubygem-mime-types: Added (mime-types)
libraries/rubygem-ncursesw: Added (ncurses with wide-char support)
libraries/rubygem-net-ssh: Added (ruby implementation of ssh2)
libraries/rubygem-rmail: Added (mail library for Ruby)
libraries/rubygem-trollop: Added (Ruby commandline parser)
libraries/rubygem-xapian-full: Added (Xapian bindings)
libraries/xmonad-contrib: Updated for version 0.9.2.
libraries/zope.schema: Updated for version 3.7.1.
libraries/zope.security: Updated for version 3.8.0.
misc/klibc: Fixed homepage in .info file
misc/xapian-omega: Added (CGI search frontend and indexers)
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 4.4.0 + new maintainer.
multimedia/smplayer: Add newline characters to info file.
multimedia/xbmc: Updated for version 10.0.
network/NetworkManager: Add the pm-utils sleep hook
network/NetworkManager: Included several patches from upstream
network/comgt: Added (3G/GPRS datacard management utility)
network/gtk-gnutella: Added (Gnutella client)
network/rubygem-sup: Added (CLI mail client)
office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.36.
office/lcal: Added (generates graphical "lunar phase" calendar)
office/leafpad: Upgraded for version
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0rc2.
office/pcal: Added (generate monthly format calendars)
office/siag: Added (free office package)
system/krusader: Updated for version 2.3.0_beta1.
system/mariadb: Updated for version 5.2.4.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 260.19.29.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 260.19.29.
system/nvidia-legacy173-driver: Updated for version 173.14.28.
system/nvidia-legacy173-kernel: Updated for version 173.14.28.
system/nvidia-legacy96-driver: Updated for version 96.43.19.
system/nvidia-legacy96-kernel: Updated for version 96.43.19.
system/pcsc-lite: Updated for versio 1.6.6.
system/pcsc-perl: Updated for version 1.4.11 + new maintainer.
system/pcsc-tools: Updated for version 1.4.17 + new maintainer.
system/shake: Fix use of SLKCFLAGS.
system/unrar: Updated for version 4.0.3.

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